Tarot vs Oracles

What’s the big difference?


I like to think of the Tarot and Oracle relating to the left and right sides of the brain.

Left Side (Logical)

The Tarot is systematic, logical and only has 78 cards. Tarot has 22 Majors which represent The Fool’s Journey start to finish and 56 Minors or Pip cards that relate to personalities and everyday situations. The Tarot is the older of the two traditions and requires memorization to be effective. Intuition does come into play with Tarot but it is mixed with the study and structure of its history.

Right Side (Intuitive)

Oracle decks are less traditional and have varying themes and meanings. They do not have a set amount of cards in each deck or a set structure. They are read intuitively and leave interpretation to the user in some cases. Where as Tarot is a consistent system that can be read with any version of a Tarot deck, Oracles are unique to themselves. Oracles have specific themes and purposes that do no translate between different deckS usually. 

 Personal Preference

I got my hands on my first Tarot deck and book when I was 14. I love the history and student aspect of Tarot. I took the time to learn Tarot like it was my job (which it is now). My Cancer ascending sign makes me a lover of anything with a rich history so I think it’s safe to say that Tarot is my main dish. That being said I do own BOTH! I have different uses for both Tarot and Oracle decks. For personal readings and client readings I use primarily Tarot. I have about 30 different Tarot decks that I keep in rotation so things never get stale (Venus in Gemini). I love to use Oracle decks for meditation, visualization, scrapbooking and journaling. Sometimes when doing daily readings I like to pull one card from the Tarot and one card from an Oracle just depending on my mood.

Which is right for you? 

-Is there one you feel more drawn to? Tarot or Oracle?

-Do you like structure or are you more loosey goosey?

-Do you have time to devote to study or are you getting in spirit time in between work, school and family?

-Does the idea of 78 cards feel overwhelming? Yes/No

-Are you planning to use your cards in conjunction with another spiritual practice? Yes/No

-Are you a details person or a big picture person?

{Maybe you’re meant to work with both!}



Questions? Thoughts? Drop me a comment! Let’s Chat. Head over to my STORE to purchase prints!


XOXO Chelsea


5 Keys to Happiness

1. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. The old saying "birds of a feather flock together" could not be more on point! Make sure  you are surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and encourage you to reach your dreams. Don't be afraid to let go of relationships that bring you down or drain away your precious energy. Take note of how you feel after hanging out with someone. Do you feel energized? Excited? Drained? Depressed? All of those emotions are indicative of your internal compass, follow it well. 

2. Spend time WITH yourself BY yourself. In this busy day and age it seems like no one makes time to sit in peace and quite anymore. Its important to put down all the electronics and allow yourself to realign. Take a bath, go for a run, paint a picture, meditate, whatever works for you. When we turn off the "noise of life" we can hear our inner voice come through. It is important to stay connected to your higher self and divine purpose. 

3. Treat Yo' Self! Seriously. When was the last time you did something really nice just for you? My guess is its been too long. If not, good for you! Life is short and its important to make sure you are living it. We get so busy with work and relationships and responsibilities that we forget to enjoy ourselves. Even if its something as simple as taking yourself to the park, getting some treat coffee or seeing a movie solo, DO IT!

4. Cut people pleasing out of your life. When you start doing what YOU want to do a magical thing called happiness starts happening. It is too easy to fall into family and friend guilt traps, putting everyone else's needs in front of your own but it is not healthy. You have to take care of your needs before you can give to a single other person. People pleasing causes resentment and ill will in the long run so be honest and up front about what you do and don't want to do. Boundaries are a wonderful thing and your right as a grown ass person! 

5. Find your tribe! Accept who you are and join a community. What makes you smile? Music? Dance? Art? Home Decor? Cooking? Tarot? Slam Poetry? Cross Dressing? Whatever your into, you can guarantee there is a tribe out there waiting for you that's into the same thing! Accepting yourself and being apart of a community of like minded people can really do wonders for the soul. 

Spoken like a true Leo, I always say its okay to be selfish. Taking care of yourself first is not a crime. Women especially are expected to bend over backwards and put their dreams and desires on the back burner for others. I think it is important to fill up your own spiritual cup before you start pouring your energy into other people.

Like Rue Paul says "Honey, if you don't love yourself, how in the HELL you gonna love somebody else?" 

XOXO Chelsea 

Star Spread by Noble Lion

I created this spread to help myself figure out how to shine in certain areas of my life. As a Leo I am always looking for ways to get into the spot light! I am going to use one of my own readings as an example of how to use this spread to your advantage. Enjoy! 

I start my readings by picking the deck I want to use, today I chose my Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso. I decide upon my question and sink into my "quiet" mind. For this reading | asked :


WHERE TO SHINE YOUR SPOTLIGHT? KING OF WANDS - I should continue to be active and engaged with the following I have built. As "The King" I am highly creative, bold and charismatic this is what will inspire people to follow me! Keep it up! 

AREA TO WORK ON FOR SUCCESS? THE HIGH PRIESTESS - I need to work on following my intuition and taking the time to give my audience my full attention. I need to share my inner wisdom in depth and not just scratch the surface. Also integrating more magic into my social media platforms will go over well. 

INTERNAL FEELINGS? THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS - I am charging forward with my blog and business, thinking quick on my feet and making my plan as I go. Internally I'm needing more structure in my blogging and marketing and a more solid thought out plan for long term success. 

OUTSIDE INFLUENCES - THE EMPRESS - there is an abundance of people who are interested in my art, blog and everything else I am doing. I am supported by my community. My following is growing as I am growing and will continue to do so. 

AREA WHERE YOU SHINE? KING OF CUPS - I shine at being passionate. I put my heart 100% (or 0%) into everything I do and it shows. I am a creative dreamer wrapped in a fierce shell. 

I'm super pumped about this spread! If you end up trying it out please let me know what you think! Do you make up your own spreads? Care to share? Link yourself in the comments! 


Cleansing and Charging Crystals 101

Crystals are essentially mineral USB drives. They collect energy and can be charged to hold a certain vibration, emotion or desire. It is always a good idea to cleanse your stones when you first buy or get them from other people, consider it a "restart" ritual. 

 There are several method that can be used to cleanse and clear negative energy from crystals and stones, here are some basics to get you started! 

Sea Salt - This is the most common method of cleansing and clearing. You can do this process with water or without. Be sure to research your stones, so you know which ones can be soaked in water and which ones cannot. If you are using water I would recommend a tbs to every cup in the container and allow the stones to soak for 24 hours. If you are going the dry route place sea salt into a glass dish and place your stones on top making sure that any points on your crystals are submerged to release their power back into the earth. Be sure you are using natural sea salt and not table salt. 

Moon Cycle - This is my favorite method of clearing and charging my stones. I like to clear my stones on the New Moon by placing them outside in a tray or in my windowsill over night. When I am ready to charge my crystals I place them out in the Full Moon and bring them in the next morning. Don't forget about your crystal babies the next day because the sun can drain their energy. If you time your cleansing with the New and Full Moons you will fall into a nice cycle of tending to your rocks every two weeks. 

Mother Earth - Crystals can be buried and left to charge for 24 hours or more. Since stones come from the earth they truly enjoy getting to return home if only for a little while. Make sure to mark the spot where they are buried so they are easy to find when your ready to use them. If you are in an apartment or don't have access to a yard you can fill a container with earth and submerge the crystals while keeping the container indoors. 


Smudging - You can use Sage, Sweet Grass or incense to cleanse your crystals. I suggest smudging over your crystals in a tray or passing them through the smoke by hand. This is a Native American technique used for clearing the home space, sacred sites and crystals. 


Citrine - The stone that never needs cleansing! This crystal can be coupled with other stones to keep their energies cleansed for a longer period of time.  You could also get a bowls worth of Citrine and have a charging station! Great stone to use during meditations and visualizations!





If you have any other questions you would like me to cover feel free to leave suggestions in the comments! 

XOXO Chelsea S

Anointing Tarot Cards

I was chatting with my mom the other day and she decided to get her tarot cards out. As we're playing around with some spreads, she keeps going on and on about how her cards smelled like the rosemary and incense she keeps in her tarot box. It inspired me to bless and anoint some of my newer tarot cards and I wanted to share my process! 

My Wild Unknown Tarot made its way to me around my birthday and things were so busy I never got around to anointing them properly! THE TIME HAS COME! 


1. Cleanse and Clear your work space. I chose to sage, pick some crystals and light a rose colored candle. 

2. Organize your deck into three sections: PIPS - COURTS - MAJORS

3. Pick an essential oil that vibes with each section of the deck OR decide on a single oil for the deck. I went with rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus. 

4. Freestyle a blessing for your cards. I included the blessing I wrote below for reference but yours can be shorter OR longer! Whatever suits you!  

5. Use a Qtip to rub the essential oils of your choice along the edges of the cards so the artwork is not effected. (A little bit goes a long way) 

6. As you anoint your cards recite the blessing you have prepared. 

7. Give Thanks. 

Its a simple little ritual but I find it to be very effective! Let me know how you bless your cards! 

XOXO Chelsea 



I ask that this rosemary cleanse and clear my pip cards. I ask that the smell of rosemary activate my third eye and allow me to see daily life clearly. I ask that timing will jump out at me and start to become natural to me.

I ask that this lavender cleanse and clear my major cards. I ask that the smell of lavender awaken my inner goddess and allow me to see the big picture clearly. I ask that past life connections draw my attention and speak to me as I continue to work with this deck.

I ask that this eucalyptus cleanse and clear my court cards. I ask that the smell of eucalyptus connect me to the many personalities of the tarot. I ask that messages come in loud and clear when court cards come up. Thank you for these blessings.    

<3 Chelsea