Star Spread by Noble Lion

I created this spread to help myself figure out how to shine in certain areas of my life. As a Leo I am always looking for ways to get into the spot light! I am going to use one of my own readings as an example of how to use this spread to your advantage. Enjoy! 

I start my readings by picking the deck I want to use, today I chose my Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso. I decide upon my question and sink into my "quiet" mind. For this reading | asked :


WHERE TO SHINE YOUR SPOTLIGHT? KING OF WANDS - I should continue to be active and engaged with the following I have built. As "The King" I am highly creative, bold and charismatic this is what will inspire people to follow me! Keep it up! 

AREA TO WORK ON FOR SUCCESS? THE HIGH PRIESTESS - I need to work on following my intuition and taking the time to give my audience my full attention. I need to share my inner wisdom in depth and not just scratch the surface. Also integrating more magic into my social media platforms will go over well. 

INTERNAL FEELINGS? THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS - I am charging forward with my blog and business, thinking quick on my feet and making my plan as I go. Internally I'm needing more structure in my blogging and marketing and a more solid thought out plan for long term success. 

OUTSIDE INFLUENCES - THE EMPRESS - there is an abundance of people who are interested in my art, blog and everything else I am doing. I am supported by my community. My following is growing as I am growing and will continue to do so. 

AREA WHERE YOU SHINE? KING OF CUPS - I shine at being passionate. I put my heart 100% (or 0%) into everything I do and it shows. I am a creative dreamer wrapped in a fierce shell. 

I'm super pumped about this spread! If you end up trying it out please let me know what you think! Do you make up your own spreads? Care to share? Link yourself in the comments!