Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 

August 30 - September 22

This is going to be a 3 week period of analyzing past actions that bring about a new perspective. Its time to finish any lingering projects and refine any edges you have allowed to roughen. This energy makes it likely that you could focus too much on perfectionism preventing you from making any true progress. In any tasks you take on avoid getting stuck in the planning phase and just get started. 

Health and nutritional habits will be brought to center stage during this time. Are you communicating love to your body with your actions and choices? Have you been treating you body like the temple it is? Take time for self care at every opportunity during this transit. 

Expect a things that have felt stagnant to get shaken up over the next few weeks. Mercury is the god of mischief and sadistic humor so get ready to laugh some shit off. 

This would be an excellent time to have a business meeting with yourself. With this transit happening in Virgo work is going to be a point of focus. How can you make your work environment more enjoyable? What habits can you work on or shape up to be a better boss or employee? Are there systems within your small business that could be made more efficient? These are important matters to ponder during this time. 

Here is a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Tarot Spread for you dive into! Please let me know what you find out and if you post your spreads on social media please remember to tag @noblelionprints! 

Mercury Retrograde Mists will be available in the shop tonight! Please leave a comment or contact me if you would like one! 


New Moon in Gemini - Mischief Managed

Its time to brush up on your communication skills and get ready for proper summer socials! When the New Moon wanders into Gemini you can be sure that a wave of social obligations and spikes in all forms of communication are coming your way. Gemini energy is intellectual and varied. You can expect June to be a month of tantalizing conversation and brilliant ideas! Make sure you work on the other half of communication too, you know, the listening part. Gemini tends to gloss over listening in favor of getting more ideas out, but quality conversation goes both ways. Make sure you get out and do something exciting this month, energies will be high and mischief will be easily managed! 

For those of us who run blogs and other small businesses, we can expect to see a huge increase in engagement and interaction with our target markets. Sales should be on the rise this month as everyone will be hearing your message loud and clear, set yourself up for success and get organized to take advantage of this opportunistic energy. Set your intentions for the coming cycle and take some time to brainstorm on your projects and ideas, you will be surprised how much comes pouring out! 


Don't forget to enroll in my Timing with Tarot and Astrology Workshop if you haven't done so already! It is through Tarot Summer School so be sure to check out the other teachers and classes available there are some really amazing offerings this year! Its going to be a wildly expansive summer from what I can tell, Im glad you'll be along for the ride! 

XOXO Chelsea 

Spirit Animals

Animals and humans exist in the physical and spirit world together. The spirit world is comprised of spirit guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, departed loved ones and animal spirit guides or totems. In Shamanism the animal guides are known as power animals. Shamans receive a specific power animal from the spirit world that travels with them offering insight, guidance, and help with their shamanic duties. It is important to honor the knowledge and wisdom that each different animal imparts. In Native American cultures, spirit animals are also referred to as animal totems. Both the animal totems and power animals are considered to be spirit guides. You do not have to be a shaman to take advantage of your natural connection with animals. Sometimes a spirit animal picks you and sometime you are innately drawn to your spirit animal.

                                                                                (Available for prints)

                                                                                (Available for prints)

 Here is a keyword list of spirit animals and their meanings.

Alligator: survival; fighter.

Ant: industrious; community; self-sacrificing.

Bat: death/rebirth; initiation; intuitive.

Bear: Strength; power; renewal; wisdom.

Beaver: resourceful; hardworking; constructive; ambition.

Bee: alertness; community; industry; sexuality; abundance.

Buffalo: abundance; leadership; life flow; unity with Earth.

Butterfly: avatar; metamorphosis; soul; courage to change.

Cat: mysticism; awareness; stealth.

Cougar: philosopher; power; spiritual leadership.

Coyote: adaptability; humor; trickster.

Crab: tenacious; commitment; seclusion.

Crane: knowledge; arcane wisdom; vigilance, balance.

Crow: ancient wisdom; bold; diviner; magic.

Deer: grace; beauty; innocence.

Dog: loyalty; tenacity; community.

Dragonfly: agility; dreams.

Duck: trustworthy; social; unassuming.

Dolphin: community; harmony; joy; love; peace; playfulness.

Eagle: courage; healing; divine messenger.

Elephant: longevity; remover of obstacles; good fortune.

Elk: endurance; explorer; roamer; strength.

Fox: adaptability; cunning; skill; wily; awareness.

Frog: love; transformation; abundance; healing.

Goat: virile; agile; stubborn; determined.

Goose: protector; reliable; territorial; safe return.

Hare: power of observation; wisdom; fertility.

Hawk: spirit world messenger; cunning; protector.

Horse: endurance; independence; travel.

Hummingbird: energy; wonder; swift action.

Koala: dreams; connections; memory; pleasure; magic; trust.

Leopard: shape shifting; magic work.

Lion: nobility; courage; health; vitality; king.

Lizard: renewal; transformation; ancient energy.

Loon: serenity; faithfulness; dreams realized.

Lynx: inner knowledge; occultism; secrets.

Moose: confident; head strong; arrogant.

Mouse: family unity; resourceful.

Orca: intuition; power of song; family unit; creation.

Otter: compatibility; sharing; play.

Owl: between worlds; divination; truth; visions; wisdom.

Panther: hunter; stealth; solitary.

Pelican: Storage; readiness; renewal.

Penguin: storage; dedication; self-sacrifice.

Pig: expressive; intelligence; sincerity.

Rabbit: alert; abundance; organization; unity.

Raven: altered states; battlefield; espionage; mystery; secrets.

Rhinoceros: ancient wisdom; aggressive defense.

Roadrunner: agile; quick; cleaver.

Salmon: ancient wisdom; determination; courage.

Scorpion: defensive; power; nimble.

Shark: survivor; fearsome; praetor; powerful; ambitious.

Skunk: self-protective; fearless; self-esteem.

Snail: perseverance; determination; grace.

Snake: cycles; rebirth; regeneration; renewal; wisdom; wholeness; magic.

Spider: creativity; dreams; fate; weaver; story teller; dark powers.

Squirrel: resourceful; prankster; trusty; playful.

Swan: commitment; loyalty; majesty; protective.

Toad: prosperity; messenger.

Turkey: shared blessing; originality; artistic; harvest; bounty.

Turtle: Earthy; grounded; longevity; protection; shelter.

Whale: creative; inspiration; intelligence; life enhancer.

Wolf: family bonds; unity; Earth wisdom.

If you already have a spirit animal and would like to order a custom painting to honor it leave a comment below or email me at 

XOXO Chelsea