New Moon in Scorpio + Tarot Spread

We have a very powerful New Moon in Scorpio coming up on October 30th. The theme of this New Moon is centered around facing your shadow self and coming to terms with things that you might now particularly like about yourself. Its a time to transform and transcend through our thinking processes to work more out of love than fear. Self love and compassion are at the center of this New Moon encouraging us to step out of old habits and into our highest vibration. Through facing and processing our shadow selves we will find true empowerment.

This is a lonely vibration because the only person who can work on bettering yourself is you. Take a hard look at your relationships and dependencies on other people, have you been putting some or all of your development on someone else instead of taking personal responsibility? Have you been running from confrontation or avoiding the depths of your feelings in favor of pretending everything is okay? This New Moon in Scorpio will tear away anything or anyone you have been hiding behind. This is a time for razing what is no longer serving you to the ground so you can rebuild something bigger, brighter and more in line with your true path. 

While meditating on this New Moon in Scorpio it may be helpful to answer some of these questions: 

What or Who out in the world really bothers me? 

What aspect of this is a reflection of myself that I don't like?

What am I projecting out into the world at this time?

What aspects of my shadow self do I bring up as a joke, when I'm not really joking?

What areas of my life do I try too hard to control?

What toxicity do I need to remove from my life at this time? 

Which attachments in my life are no longer healthy?

What am I letting go of at this time? 

Where can I recover my inner strength from?

Remember through all this struggle and darkness you are the light. You are the enactor of change. This is happening because you are meant to ascend your current vibration and move on to the next one. Do not fear change. Do not fear death. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. 

Here is you New Moon in Scorpio Spread, if you end up posting your cards please tag @noblelionprints 


XOXO Chelsea 

Sensory Oracle Deck Review

I received the Sensory Oracle Deck from the lovely lady over at Modern Witchy Woman to review! Be sure to check out her Instagram page @modernwitchywoman  

I thought I would preface this review by saying that I mostly work with Tarot Cards vs Oracles Decks so this is a fresh and fun experience for me. 

This first thing that really drew my into this deck was the color scheme, I personally love anything rainbow so I was instantly attracted to these cards. Its a smaller deck only 22 cards so it is easy to travel with and store. I thought at first I wouldn't care for the back design as they are not mirrored but in oracle reading I haven't really seen upright and reverse interpretations so it didn't really bother me. The card stock is good quality which is always a happy surprise in indie decks. 

The artwork is colorful and instinctual for someone like me who has been reading symbols in the cards for a long time. I could see this deck being a little tricky for beginners if they aren't used to finding meaning in everything, but luckily there is a booklet! It only has one sentence per card but it offers surprisingly profound information. I could see this deck being great for visualization and meditation, the pictures are simple, but represent deep ideas. 

This was my first pull from the Sensory Oracle Deck and I was pretty pleased with the message. I feel like it represents a balance of my internal elemental forces and a reminder to always be brave and shine like the Sun that I am! Love that I pulled the Lion, it felt very fitting. 

Thanks again to @ModernWitchyWoman for sending me this deck that was clearly made from the heart!

XOXO Chelsea

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 

August 30 - September 22

This is going to be a 3 week period of analyzing past actions that bring about a new perspective. Its time to finish any lingering projects and refine any edges you have allowed to roughen. This energy makes it likely that you could focus too much on perfectionism preventing you from making any true progress. In any tasks you take on avoid getting stuck in the planning phase and just get started. 

Health and nutritional habits will be brought to center stage during this time. Are you communicating love to your body with your actions and choices? Have you been treating you body like the temple it is? Take time for self care at every opportunity during this transit. 

Expect a things that have felt stagnant to get shaken up over the next few weeks. Mercury is the god of mischief and sadistic humor so get ready to laugh some shit off. 

This would be an excellent time to have a business meeting with yourself. With this transit happening in Virgo work is going to be a point of focus. How can you make your work environment more enjoyable? What habits can you work on or shape up to be a better boss or employee? Are there systems within your small business that could be made more efficient? These are important matters to ponder during this time. 

Here is a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Tarot Spread for you dive into! Please let me know what you find out and if you post your spreads on social media please remember to tag @noblelionprints! 

Mercury Retrograde Mists will be available in the shop tonight! Please leave a comment or contact me if you would like one! 


Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius + Tarot Spread

The Full Flower Moon 

This festive Full Moon in Sagittarius was known to the Native Americans as The Full Flower Moon to reflect the abundance of wildflowers that bloom at this time. We are about to experience a rare occurrence where we have a Full Moon in the same sign two months in a row. When this happens our manifestation times are drawn out and will not truly complete until the second Full Moon has passed on June 20th. 

With the real harvest still a month away, try to focus on fine tuning and pruning. What needs more attention to detail in your life? This Full Moon is all about getting back to the basics and letting go of what is no longer serving you. Its time to renegotiate with the universe, and this time spring for what you really want and deserve! No holding back. 

The day after this invigorating Full Moon our mischief maker Mercury will be going direct, part of his transition is a stand still. Wherever Mercury choses to stand in your chart will be of great significance. These two transits will highlight what the retrograde energies that have been flying around since April have been leading up to for you. It has been chaotic, but its organized chaos and in the end we will all grow from it. Mars and Venus are at odds during this Full Moon so take special care of your close relationships as the tensions may rise. If there are weak links in your relationships they will be brought to light during this time and should be addressed. 

On a positive note, Venus will work to unlock untouched creativity and inspiration, while Mars brings our ambitions and energy levels up. Mays Full Moon will be an interesting one, but don't forget that the real picture will not be made clear to us until June’s Full Moon. The Universe is setting us up for the shifts coming after this retrograde season, starting in August. 

Heres this months Tarot Spread, let me know what you think in the comments or tag me if you post your spread on social media! 

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