Sensory Oracle Deck Review

I received the Sensory Oracle Deck from the lovely lady over at Modern Witchy Woman to review! Be sure to check out her Instagram page @modernwitchywoman  

I thought I would preface this review by saying that I mostly work with Tarot Cards vs Oracles Decks so this is a fresh and fun experience for me. 

This first thing that really drew my into this deck was the color scheme, I personally love anything rainbow so I was instantly attracted to these cards. Its a smaller deck only 22 cards so it is easy to travel with and store. I thought at first I wouldn't care for the back design as they are not mirrored but in oracle reading I haven't really seen upright and reverse interpretations so it didn't really bother me. The card stock is good quality which is always a happy surprise in indie decks. 

The artwork is colorful and instinctual for someone like me who has been reading symbols in the cards for a long time. I could see this deck being a little tricky for beginners if they aren't used to finding meaning in everything, but luckily there is a booklet! It only has one sentence per card but it offers surprisingly profound information. I could see this deck being great for visualization and meditation, the pictures are simple, but represent deep ideas. 

This was my first pull from the Sensory Oracle Deck and I was pretty pleased with the message. I feel like it represents a balance of my internal elemental forces and a reminder to always be brave and shine like the Sun that I am! Love that I pulled the Lion, it felt very fitting. 

Thanks again to @ModernWitchyWoman for sending me this deck that was clearly made from the heart!

XOXO Chelsea