December Deck of the Month

This month’s deck is The Fountain Tarot! The soft, etherial imagery and silver lined edges send me right into a winter wonderland of Tarot. I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for this beautiful deck back in July. It was a great time and the creators were delightful. 

Lets jump right in with the INTERVIEW YOUR DECK spread and see what FT has to say! 


  1. Please introduce yourself - The Tower - I am a huge proponent of change, I am the one you should turn to when things get rough. I understand the higher teachings of the Phoenix, walking through fire to be born a new. When you are under pressure I will bring new angles and perspectives to consider.
  2. Your strengths - 6 of Wands Reversed - I will pick you up when you get knocked down by life. I am a friend to anyone who is struggling in this physical reality. Rock bottom is my specialty and an excellent place to start rebuilding from. 
  3. Your limitations - The Magician - I am not as well suited for material pursuits. I prefer to work on an energetic and idealistic level. 
  4. What can I learn from you - The Emperor Reversed - I am here to teach you to question the rules and structures of society. Bend your mind in new directions, explore unknown territory, move outside the old structures and create your own. Be idealistic. 
  5. What is the best way to work with you - allow me to help you with planning and decisions you have been putting off. When you are ready to stop procrastinating and start progressing ill be there to help! 
  6. Out come of our relationship - Four of Cups Reversed - spiritual and emotional nourishment that will help guide you along to fulfillment. Im here to help you transform. 

Hope you enjoyed this months deck!

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XOXO Chelsea