New Moon in Sagittarius Forecast 12/11/15

This Friday the New Moon will be in Sagittarius giving us wild and adventurous energy to work with. As always the New Moon is about setting your intentions. This particular New Moon is going to be excellent for expanding our perspectives and seeing the big picture. This Sag moon will urge us to seek growth, in any way possible. Although growth is the theme for this New Moon its worth mentioning that it will be squared to jupiter creating the opportunity for just a little too much fun, you know, the kind of too much fun that lands you in jail or has you drunk dialing your ex at 4 AM…stay away from lessons you’ve already learned and focus on NEW GROWTH, possibly in new areas.  

Lets look at this New Moon spread to see what kind of themes we will be working with during tis cycle.

Theme: Simplicity 

  1. 4 of Plumes {swords} - Its time to rest physically and work out your mental hang ups. Reflect on past actions and future plans. Consolidate  your mind and your grand plan for a more fruitful execution. Its time to let go of thoughts and beliefs which have been proven inaccurate or no longer useful. 
  2. The Fool Rx - this represents a lull in movement and opportunity at this time, but do not let that tiny road block keep you for reaching your goals, use this time to rethink your plans, rework your ideas and reenergize yourself for whats to come. 
  3. Empress - Progression with plans is likely when the empress appears, this card represents abundance and the home. She blesses those who work to take care of their own, and can be honored by sharing what you have with others. 

Recap - Rest, Reorganize, Receive 

XOXO Chelsea