Mercury Retrograde - Round 1 - Foundations

Mercury Retrograde (Full Cycle) - Jan 5th - 25th

Mercury Rx in Aquarius - Jan 5th - 8th

Mercury Rx in Capricorn - Jan 8th - 25th 

For the few days that Mercury is Rx in Aquarius communications and ideas will mostly surround the shocking, inventive and progressive. Aquarius being an air sign indicates that this is not a time to manifest but to plan and gather your thoughts for when Mercury (and the New Moon) move into stable, earthy, Capricorn. 

On the 8th Mercury Rx moves into Capricorns house. Our thinking turns methodical and we are struck with a sudden sense of purpose. Despite the negative "juju" surrounding Mercury in Retrograde this is actually a pretty positive placement. The general impact will be practical communication and logical thinking. Its a great time to lay down the foundation for something, but wait until after the 25th to finish the job or sign any binding contracts. This aspect makes it easy to focus on to-do lists and tasks at hand. Take advantage of this energy by organizing yourself and being ready to implement practical solutions in to your life this year. 

Mercury goes direct on January 25th while still in Capricorn giving us the boost in motivation and responsibility we need to follow through with the plans made earlier in the month. 

This is the first of {4} total Mercury Retrogrades this year. The more we know, the smoother transition we experience, so check back for updates or subscribe to get them right in your inbox! 

XOXO Chelsea