Jupiter in Leo 07/17/2014

All of my soul friend already know what this is about because I've been talking about it for weeks now but I wanted to go ahead and make a post explaining what exactly that means.

So to break it down it means that the planet Jupiter is moving out of the house of Cancer and in to the house of Leo starting yesterday. Jupiter is the planet of luck, blessings, expansion, growth and just general badass vibes. Jupiter passes through each sign for about a year which means it hasn't been in Leo since 2002.

So those with Sun in Leo or a rising in Leo better get ready for the best year of your life! We have been really watered down these last two years with Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer but now is the time to reap all the rewards for our hard work and hard times! Big plans will be coming together, confidence and creativity will be at an all time high. We are going to see the bigger picture and shoot for our true dreams and aspirations! Opportunities will be abundant with many options to choose from! 

And this isn't just a great aspect for Leos either, all the fire signs (Aires and Sagittarius) will get an extra boost and in general luck will be more available for all signs. 

Enjoy this beautiful energy and take care.