New Moon in Virgo 8.25.14

I don't know about you, but ever since the Sun moved in to Virgo on the 22nd I have been a lean, mean, cleaning machine! Organizing everything. I have this way of making a bigger mess as Im trying to clean. Sometimes I just have to pull all of my clothes out of my over stuffed dresser and start over...sometimes i have to dust. SOMETIMES. New moon in virgo is one of those times. 


I have made several lists over the last couple of days AND marked quite a few things off of them! (thats my favorite part)

 I guess you could say I'm feeling accomplished. I am a woman on a mission. Kicking ass and taking names. Hey September! Im ready for you.

Venus and Jupiter are both in Leo so now is a time of supreme awesomeness, take advantage. Do things that make your heart feel good like making out and donating to charity. Love in all its forms are welcomed when Venus is in Leo. Think big! Get creative. Make a plan and watch it unfold with the help of Sun in Virgo. Health goals are especially attainable during this time. Hydrate, stretch, and heal.