Gemini Moon - Lets Party

The Moon changes zodiac signs roughly every two days so this is very short influence but powerful all the same! This effects everyone energetically no matter what sign they are. It's the over all mood two days at a time. 


Moon in Gemini 

Art by Mustafa Soydan

Art by Mustafa Soydan


When the Moon is in Gemini everything goes into full motion! Gemini rules over short trips and transportation so expect these two days to be busy ones! This is a great time for communicating ideas and bouncing them off other people or sharing them in a group setting. Gemini can be a very critical sign, but only because it want the best of the best. 


Writing comes very naturally when the Moon is in Gemini even if its just to jot down genius ideas! Use those genius ideas wisely and devise a logical, practical plan. Having a plan or goal in place helps to encourage movement and motion in life. 


The Gemini Moon makes it easier to come out of your shell and be social! Life is a party and everyones invited! 

XOXO Chelsea