Taurus Moon - Sit The Bleep Down and Relax

The Moon changes zodiac signs roughly every two days so this is very short influence but powerful all the same! This effects everyone energetically no matter what sign they are. It kind of the over all mood two days at a time. 


Moon in Taurus


When the Moon is in Taurus the focus turns to security and the material side of life. This is a very emotionally stable time and a great phase for budgeting and balancing your check book! 

This phase can sometimes have a lazy feeling to it but that is just your body saying sit the bleep down and relax! 

This two day period can be great for healing and resting your body. Treat yourself to a bubble bath and a glass of wine or anything that relaxes you.

Moon in Taurus is a great time for manifestation. Taurus energy is naturally abundant and magnetic so use that to get what you want! 

It is easy to get work done at this time and organization comes naturally. Tackle any projects you have been dreading and they will be over before you know it! 

Enjoy this comfortable, down to earth energy! 


XOXO Chelsea