November! Thank God You're Here.

October has been BANANNAs to say the least. There was that pesky mercury retrograde thwarting us at every turn and everything just seemed busy, busy, busy! My husband and I finally closed on our house but WOW was it hard work to get it done! Im excited to pass out candy in our new house to all the neighborhood kids! Bring on the costumes and I will not cheap out on the candy…Deal? 


What I really want to talk about is November! For some reason I usually dread this month, but this year it couldn't come fast enough. Ive decided I'm going to write a monthly astrology overview so you and I know what is coming up! This is my first time doing an entire month overview so bare with me. So, lets get to it! 


November 6th we have a full moon in Taurus. This should bring us some steady, practical energy to settle us down from the crazy energy we had to deal with last month. This is the time to finish projects, check off your to-do lists and resolve anything that has been bothering you. 


Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 8th so be careful with your words, they really can sting! This lasts until November 27th when Mercury follows the sun into Sagittarius.


On Monday November 10th, Mars and Pluto meet up in the sky. This is the God of War and the God of Death meeting up to duke it out…so control your rage and take a deep breath when your starting to feel overworked and stressed out. A Venus and Saturn meet up the next day on November 11th, reminding us to take responsibility for our actions, especially in the area of love. 


On Saturday November 15th, Neptune goes direct after a 5 month retrograde! This is great because some of the “fog” starts to clear and we can see a clear path to what we want. On the 16th Venus moves into Sagittarius making every thing in life feel brighter and more fun! 


The Sun and Saturn meet up on November 18th, which is the equivalent to a strict father showing up to your banging party bringing all the fun to a screeching halt. Its not fun, but take the opportunity to get your shit together. Saturn is your biggest ally for making something out of nothing. 


Expect Saturday the 22nd to be an awesome day as the Sun moves in to Sagittarius. With the New Moon also in Sagittarius it is time to plan your next adventure. Plant the seeds of what you want to manifest and it will be yours, but always be careful what you wish for. 


Mercury and Saturn meet up on November 25th and things get a little heavy. All of our cups sometimes get too full and start to feel like a burden. Remember to cleanse your energy and use a grounding technique. This is a short lived aspect so know that there is light at the end of this short tunnel. 


On Thanksgiving Day, Mercury goes into Sagittarius making us jolly and optimistic in all things. There are plenty things to be thankful for on this great day. 


The last 3 days of the month are quiet and calm, a good buffer for the holidays to come in December. 

Hopefully this has been helpful, Im planning to print mine out and keep it in my planner. I love staying current with the tides in the sky!


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XoXo Chelsea