Anointing Tarot Cards

I was chatting with my mom the other day and she decided to get her tarot cards out. As we're playing around with some spreads, she keeps going on and on about how her cards smelled like the rosemary and incense she keeps in her tarot box. It inspired me to bless and anoint some of my newer tarot cards and I wanted to share my process! 

My Wild Unknown Tarot made its way to me around my birthday and things were so busy I never got around to anointing them properly! THE TIME HAS COME! 


1. Cleanse and Clear your work space. I chose to sage, pick some crystals and light a rose colored candle. 

2. Organize your deck into three sections: PIPS - COURTS - MAJORS

3. Pick an essential oil that vibes with each section of the deck OR decide on a single oil for the deck. I went with rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus. 

4. Freestyle a blessing for your cards. I included the blessing I wrote below for reference but yours can be shorter OR longer! Whatever suits you!  

5. Use a Qtip to rub the essential oils of your choice along the edges of the cards so the artwork is not effected. (A little bit goes a long way) 

6. As you anoint your cards recite the blessing you have prepared. 

7. Give Thanks. 

Its a simple little ritual but I find it to be very effective! Let me know how you bless your cards! 

XOXO Chelsea 



I ask that this rosemary cleanse and clear my pip cards. I ask that the smell of rosemary activate my third eye and allow me to see daily life clearly. I ask that timing will jump out at me and start to become natural to me.

I ask that this lavender cleanse and clear my major cards. I ask that the smell of lavender awaken my inner goddess and allow me to see the big picture clearly. I ask that past life connections draw my attention and speak to me as I continue to work with this deck.

I ask that this eucalyptus cleanse and clear my court cards. I ask that the smell of eucalyptus connect me to the many personalities of the tarot. I ask that messages come in loud and clear when court cards come up. Thank you for these blessings.    

<3 Chelsea