Happy Imbolc

Happy Imbolc! Also known as Candlemas, today we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and the first stirrings of Spring. After yesterdays down pour of snow and gray skies, it feel so appropriate that the Sun is shining bright in Colorado, on the day we celebrate its rebirth! 


The short days of Winter are almost behind us and the longer days of Spring are on the way.
This holiday is celebrated with fire to remind us that we will have warmth in our lives again. In todays culture this may not seem very relevant since we no longer plant crops and grow food for survival but to our ancestors this was a very sacred time. It represented hope to those who were struggling to survive Winter. It was a holiday of promise that there would be life and abundance once again. 

To honor the changing of the seasons it is custom to light every lamp and candle in the house if only for a few minutes to honor the coming of longer days, which brings more light. As you enjoy the warmth of the burning candles think about what you want to give birth to this Spring. Are you looking to create abundance in your life, find a more fitting job or work more on your spiritual self? Do you want to use your body to its highest potential or expand your mind? Now is the time to plant those seeds in your metaphysical garden so they can grow in sync with the seasons. 

Enjoy this beautiful and hopeful holiday and remember to give thanks for all the wonderful things in your existence!

XOXO Chelsea 

New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius is tonight!

What does that mean Chelsea?? Well, let me tell you all about it… On the New Moon, the Moon and Sun are in the same astrological constellation. This phase of the Moon represents the beginning of the planting cycle. This is the time to lay down your seeds (thoughts, goals, and desires) to manifest them over the course of this lunar cycle or several. 

With the New Moon in Aquarius now is a good time to take a penetrating look at you life and decide what can stay and what needs to go! Allow yourself to detach from things that are no longer good for you without guilt! Your New Moon celebrations do not have to be solitary either, get with a friend and talk about the changes you want to bring about in your life! 

I personally set up a New Moon alter and wrote down all my intentions for the current lunar cycle. Im going to keep my list on my alter as an offering and reminder of what I'm trying to accomplish. I also picked out a Tarot card from one of my decks as a visual representation of what Im trying to bring into my life! 

Here's a visual. An alter can be as simple or complex as you wish, I tried to keep this one simple. 

Let me know how you plan to celebrate the New Moon!!

XOXO Chelsea