Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 

August 30 - September 22

This is going to be a 3 week period of analyzing past actions that bring about a new perspective. Its time to finish any lingering projects and refine any edges you have allowed to roughen. This energy makes it likely that you could focus too much on perfectionism preventing you from making any true progress. In any tasks you take on avoid getting stuck in the planning phase and just get started. 

Health and nutritional habits will be brought to center stage during this time. Are you communicating love to your body with your actions and choices? Have you been treating you body like the temple it is? Take time for self care at every opportunity during this transit. 

Expect a things that have felt stagnant to get shaken up over the next few weeks. Mercury is the god of mischief and sadistic humor so get ready to laugh some shit off. 

This would be an excellent time to have a business meeting with yourself. With this transit happening in Virgo work is going to be a point of focus. How can you make your work environment more enjoyable? What habits can you work on or shape up to be a better boss or employee? Are there systems within your small business that could be made more efficient? These are important matters to ponder during this time. 

Here is a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Tarot Spread for you dive into! Please let me know what you find out and if you post your spreads on social media please remember to tag @noblelionprints! 

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Full Moon in Virgo - Refining the Rock

The Full Moon in Earthy Virgo asks us to step back and reorganize - our lives, our bedroom closet, the office…whatever has been messy and out of whack lately. We have been floating through the deep waters of Pisces but now we must stop swimming and think. We need a solid plan, one that will lead us to our bigger goals. Something tangible. Its a good idea to spend time alone peacefully contemplating and meditating in order to quiet and clear your mind. This Full Moon is asking us to let go of any thoughts or attitudes that no longer serve us like doubt, fear and hate. Once we have an open and clear mind we are ready to take decisive action towards our goals and turn our dreams into a reality.  

The Virgo energy calls us to purify in anyway possible. What are your eating habits? Are you eating clean? Do you feel nourished by what you put into your body? Have your been treating yourself well emotionally? Have you been challenging your mind or zoning out on the boob tube?

Its time to focus on the sacred trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit. When you strengthen your body, it sharpens your mind, when you sharpen your mind it strengthens your spirit, when your strengthen your spirit your body follows suit. They are all three intimately connected.

With other aspects finishing their brutal dances we find ourselves in the middle of some serious transformations bringing new beginnings we never thought possible. Change is never easy or comfortable but when we accept it we are rewarded with something better than what we left behind. 

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XOXO Chelsea