Full Moon in Libra + Tarot Spread

One of the most courageous decisions youll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul
— Brigitte Nicole

Thank you guys for being patient with my absence. I appreciate all the love, encouragement and support I've received during this vulnerable time! Lets get back on track with a Full Moon Forecast and Tarot Spread, shall we? 

This Full Moon is going to bring with it the struggle between meeting your own needs and meeting the needs of those around you. There is an opposition between the Full Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries. Libra represents partnerships, relationships, and one on one interactions, while Aries rules over the self, individuality and internal affairs. The key to this Full Moon energy is to find balance! A balance between meeting your own needs, while still being compassionate and kind to others in your life. Don't forget, kindness is free and it is never the wrong approach. 

We also have ever expanding Jupiter in Libra cozying up to the Full Moon in the 7th house and erratic Uranus in Aries gearing up with the Sun in the 1st house. This opposition gives off a feeling of Light vs Dark or Us vs Them. We have to rise above this vibration because with Pluto in Capricorn bringing up a T-square to this transit things can get ugly fast. When Pluto is in this square it can sometimes signify losing your humanity and compassion for other people and that is not the answer that will bring healing and resolution to any situation. 

The 7th house which is hosting both the Full Moon and Jupiter in Libra right now is also known as The Mirror House. Through our relationships, we are shown our own faults, limitations, and downfalls. It is important that we take that information into our own psyche and not try to tell other people how to live their lives. People are where they are and when they want to be somewhere else, they will move. Instead of trying to lead other people out of their personal darkness, focus on yourself and work to clean up your own life and bad habits!

In the 12th House, we have Venus is retrograde in Pisces right next to Chiron in Pisces. That sentence may not mean a lot to someone who doesn't study the stars, but what it comes down to is reliving old wounds. Childhood wounds - sure, but I'm talking much older than that. I'm talking about the karmic baggage that you have been dragging along with you for lifetimes. It's time to let that shit go. It's time to move in a new direction. It's time to free yourself from the burdens of your past. This aspect really allows you to dive into work revolving around your inner child that can lead to serious breakthroughs and progress. 

Why did you choose this particular life path? Why did you choose that mate? Why did you choose that family member? Why did you choose that baby daddy? I would guess it was because it/they had a very important karmic lesson to teach you, are you getting it? Take the time to do some self-reflection about your role in your relationships and your relationship with yourself. Something big is trying to break through for you, as my mom would say, “if you're tired of waiting, raise your vibration”. 


Here is a Full Moon Spread to get you guys on track! 


Super Full Moon in Taurus + Tarot Spread

November 14th we have the Full Moon in Taurus. This is a Super Moon meaning that it is in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth and will be the closest Moon we see for another 18 years. I think its safe to say that this Moon will be felt immensely by all of us.

This Super Full Moon flows nicely with the New Moon in Scorpio we just had, bringing about a great purging of our spirit and relationships. Cords that no longer serve you will be cut drastically out of your life. The Taurus FM does not have time for bullshit. Either you're in or you're out, there's no in-between. True loyalty however will be greatly appreciated and rewarded at this time. Stick by the people you love. 

This FM will bring up your deepest desires. Look at them, are they in alignment with your spirit? Are they outdated or possibly desires that someone else placed there for you? Have you taken the time to think about and ask the universe for what YOU really want lately? The Taurus Moon brings great rewards to those willing to put effort into transformation.

This Earthy Moon is just what we need to ground, heal and regroup. Allow new opportunities to flow in as easily as you allow other things in your life that are not serving to flow out. Allow this powerful and healing Super Moon to empower you in areas of your life that you previously felt weak. Make the right choices for YOU and everything else will fall into place. Focus and get clear with the universe on what YOU really want. What change can you bring about? In what unique ways are you powerful? What rituals and daily care practices have you fallen out of? 

Do not be afraid if you feel like structures in your life are being knocked down, you will have the opportunity to build greater things moving forward. Take a closer look at what you value and what you can live without. Put effort into the areas of your life that make you happy and lift you up as an individual. Review relationships that have fallen into dependent patterns. Don't be afraid to chart a course for yourself, if others want to join your journey they'll come on board willingly. 

Heres a spread to get your wheels turning: 

XOXO Chelsea 

Working with 4 of Pentacles

I recently purchased TAROT OF THE NEW VISION and I am learning so much! This deck is so unique because it takes the traditional RWS deck and paints all the pictures from the opposite prospective.  Examples: 



Seeing these cards I know like the back of my hand from these new perspectives has totally brushed the cobwebs away from my tarot studies! I'm seeing things in a whole new light and I'm loving it.  

Let's look at the 4 of Pentacles: 


When I saw this version of the 4oP it took on such a deeper meaning than being frugal, stingy or greedy with your resources. I realized this card is about making small sacrifices for big dreams. It's about going without today, so you can have something better tomorrow.

It's about self discipline and reaching goals at a slow but steady pace!

This is a card for young couples saving for their first house or someone gathering resources to start a business! This is a starting card. A card where being financially minded is of utmost importance.

This is a check point card one that says "yes, you have come a long way, but you still have a long way to go." 

If you have big dreams your  on your horizon pull this card from your deck and do your own study! Place it on your alter and allow the energy of this card to envelop you! 

What decks have blown your mind and gave you new perspectives on tarot meanings? I'd love some recommendations! 

XOXO Chelsea