Reveal 11/17/16

Thanks for making these readings so fun! Cheers! 


Friends that chose #1 - You picked The Page of Cups this is a card about starting a journey into your emotional self. Your cup is overflowing right now, it's time to learn how to empty your cup in a positive, productive way so it can be filled with new energy. This is a growth card and represents the self care and nurturing required to get your emotional self in order. Enjoy swimming in your own ocean of emotions and don't forget your spirit guides are always there to help you out of the waters get too deep.

Friends that chose #2 - You picked The 9 of Swords Rx this is a card about letting go of fears and worry. Your need to control things is bringing unnecessary grief into your life, let that shit go. The universe is like a river, learn to float. When you resist the flow of the universe you arrive at your eventual destination too exhausted to receive the gifts the universe has waiting for you. Shift your thoughts to change your situation.

Friends that chose #3 - You picked The King of Swords! You are ready to slay baby! This card is all about executing your plans. This King knows exactly what he wants and exactly how to get it. Whatever you've been brewing is ready and it's time to serve it up for all to see. You are a master of your own mind and thoughts and you are ready to make your ideas come to life!