Aires Moon - The Beginning

The Moon changes zodiac signs roughly every two days so this is very short influence but powerful all the same! This effects everyone energetically no matter what sign. It's kind of the over-all mood two days at a time. 

Picture by Mustafa Soydan

Picture by Mustafa Soydan


Moon in Aires


When the Moon is in Aires an impulsive emotional nature comes out! There is a mood of spontaneity and adventure in the air and everyone is ready to charge forward with their plans. 

Communication will be direct and enthusiastic when the moon passes through Aires. 

Impatience can be a problem and you are so wrapped up in your own needs right now that you may be neglecting those around you. There is an air of fearlessness, but make sure it doesn't lead you into reckless behavior! 

It will be easy to trust your instincts over this two day period, but make sure you do your research all the same. 

This is a time for inspired action, so do what you love and keep your temper in check!

The Aires Moon is a great time to start new projects, renew your energy, and be direct to get what you want! 

*I'll be posting every two days for the next 11 signs that the moon will travel through so they can all be archived for reference! 

xoxo Chelsea