Full Moon in Cancer + Cardinal Grand Cross

Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are very much alive.
— Charlotte Bronte

Expect emotional downpours and torrential conditions with this Full Moon in Cancer. Ruling over the Moon, Cancer is a very sensitive sign that feels everything very deeply. The abundance of Water energy in the cosmos right now is washing up any loose ends that haven't been dealt with on the emotional plane. Denial about our true feelings will do us about as much good as a toothpick umbrella in a rainstorm. 

Water is sometimes cold and uncomfortable, but it's also the great healer, cleanser, and grower of the elements. We need to allow the current energies to sweep through us clearing away the emotional debris so we can see what changes need to be made in our lives. The emotional epiphanies we experience during this Full Moon will directly affect the paths we walk moving forward. The upside to all of this emotional upheaval is that it has purpose. 

The changes that are going to be manifesting in your life are long-awaited and richly rewarding if you allow this Full Moon in Cancer to do its job of thoroughly wringing out your emotional self. We should be cautious of making rash decisions during this Full Moon. The tide of our emotions will be unusually high and it is best to let those tides subside before we act on any dramatic life changes. Once the Full Moon passes, if you still feel the same strength of desire to move forward with your changes you know it's a good idea and not an emotionally impulsive decision. 

This Full Moon is Trine Chiron and Mars in Pisces. These placements cultivate feelings of jealousy, envy, and vengefulness. It's possible that people who have hurt us in the past may resurface, we should not give in to their antics, taking the high road whenever possible. 

The Full Moon in Cancer activates the Cardinal Grand Cross with three other planets having an influence on us. Jupiter in Libra puts a magnifying glass on our relationships and partnerships. Uranus in Aries makes us self-centered and motivated to seek what we really want. Pluto in Capricorn challenges our most basic structures. There are so many paths and opportunities to seek out at this time that we may feel a little overwhelmed and tempted to make quick decisions. This is not advised as judgment will be clouded with emotion during the course of this transit. Remember to check in with your higher self for guidance and persepective when you find yourself feeling emotional. 

Here is my custom spread for this month's Full Moon. I hope it shed some light on this emotional mess. If you start feeling like you cant keep your head above water, remember this is just a rough transit, not a rough life. Like all things, this too shall pass. 


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New Moon in Sagittarius + Tarot Spread + Printable

This New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be exciting and festive, bringing out all aspects of our creative nature. This is a time to stop looking at what others are doing around you and focus on your own fire, creativity and intuition. 

Sagittarius being a fire sign, brings us optimism and positivity about our situation even if we are starting at rock bottom. Wherever you are right now, is where you are supposed to be. Harness this overwhelmingly positive energy to shoot yourself forward in your goals and life purpose. Sometimes you have to be pulled back to be shot forward, this is a lesson of the archer. 

The biggest goal with the energies swirling around in the month of December is to find a sustainable outlet to express yourself. We all have creative energy and are inspired by life, its time to put that inspiration to work. Its time to be productive and to really meditate on what you are trying to manifest at this time. With Saturn hanging out close to this New Moon in Sagittarius we are being given the opportunity to take creative pursuits to the next level. Anything started at this time will not be a flash in the pan, but something long lasting and rewarding. 

Its time to seek your truth. The centaur shoots straight and true, but you have to decide what it is you are aiming for. The New Moon as always is the ideal time to set intentions for the coming lunar cycle. The Universe wants to conspire with you, but you have to be able to communicate what you want. When we don't make our intentions clear we end up with static in life. Tune in and choose your vibration so the Universe can accommodate your needs. 

Don't shy away from the shadow aspects of your life right now. Open your mind to the bigger picture of life and realize that you are where you are because that is where you have chosen to be. If you want to be somewhere else or doing something else, take the practical steps to make that a reality in your life. 

This New Moon will help to clarify what exactly your life purpose is, if something entices you during this transit, follow it with passion, you never know what doors might be opened for you at this time. The Universe is setting us up to produce something truly unique as opposed to a regurgitation of something that already exists. Be unabashedly yourself during this transit and watch it pay off in spades.

Heres a printable to help you get your goals all laid out! 

As always Ive also got a New Moon in Sagittarius spread for you guys! Let me know what you think and don't forget to tag @noblelionprints if you post your cards. 

Have a beautiful New Moon! 


Reveal 11/17/16

Thanks for making these readings so fun! Cheers! 


Friends that chose #1 - You picked The Page of Cups this is a card about starting a journey into your emotional self. Your cup is overflowing right now, it's time to learn how to empty your cup in a positive, productive way so it can be filled with new energy. This is a growth card and represents the self care and nurturing required to get your emotional self in order. Enjoy swimming in your own ocean of emotions and don't forget your spirit guides are always there to help you out of the waters get too deep.

Friends that chose #2 - You picked The 9 of Swords Rx this is a card about letting go of fears and worry. Your need to control things is bringing unnecessary grief into your life, let that shit go. The universe is like a river, learn to float. When you resist the flow of the universe you arrive at your eventual destination too exhausted to receive the gifts the universe has waiting for you. Shift your thoughts to change your situation.

Friends that chose #3 - You picked The King of Swords! You are ready to slay baby! This card is all about executing your plans. This King knows exactly what he wants and exactly how to get it. Whatever you've been brewing is ready and it's time to serve it up for all to see. You are a master of your own mind and thoughts and you are ready to make your ideas come to life!

Super Full Moon in Taurus + Tarot Spread

November 14th we have the Full Moon in Taurus. This is a Super Moon meaning that it is in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth and will be the closest Moon we see for another 18 years. I think its safe to say that this Moon will be felt immensely by all of us.

This Super Full Moon flows nicely with the New Moon in Scorpio we just had, bringing about a great purging of our spirit and relationships. Cords that no longer serve you will be cut drastically out of your life. The Taurus FM does not have time for bullshit. Either you're in or you're out, there's no in-between. True loyalty however will be greatly appreciated and rewarded at this time. Stick by the people you love. 

This FM will bring up your deepest desires. Look at them, are they in alignment with your spirit? Are they outdated or possibly desires that someone else placed there for you? Have you taken the time to think about and ask the universe for what YOU really want lately? The Taurus Moon brings great rewards to those willing to put effort into transformation.

This Earthy Moon is just what we need to ground, heal and regroup. Allow new opportunities to flow in as easily as you allow other things in your life that are not serving to flow out. Allow this powerful and healing Super Moon to empower you in areas of your life that you previously felt weak. Make the right choices for YOU and everything else will fall into place. Focus and get clear with the universe on what YOU really want. What change can you bring about? In what unique ways are you powerful? What rituals and daily care practices have you fallen out of? 

Do not be afraid if you feel like structures in your life are being knocked down, you will have the opportunity to build greater things moving forward. Take a closer look at what you value and what you can live without. Put effort into the areas of your life that make you happy and lift you up as an individual. Review relationships that have fallen into dependent patterns. Don't be afraid to chart a course for yourself, if others want to join your journey they'll come on board willingly. 

Heres a spread to get your wheels turning: 

XOXO Chelsea 

New Moon in Scorpio + Tarot Spread

We have a very powerful New Moon in Scorpio coming up on October 30th. The theme of this New Moon is centered around facing your shadow self and coming to terms with things that you might now particularly like about yourself. Its a time to transform and transcend through our thinking processes to work more out of love than fear. Self love and compassion are at the center of this New Moon encouraging us to step out of old habits and into our highest vibration. Through facing and processing our shadow selves we will find true empowerment.

This is a lonely vibration because the only person who can work on bettering yourself is you. Take a hard look at your relationships and dependencies on other people, have you been putting some or all of your development on someone else instead of taking personal responsibility? Have you been running from confrontation or avoiding the depths of your feelings in favor of pretending everything is okay? This New Moon in Scorpio will tear away anything or anyone you have been hiding behind. This is a time for razing what is no longer serving you to the ground so you can rebuild something bigger, brighter and more in line with your true path. 

While meditating on this New Moon in Scorpio it may be helpful to answer some of these questions: 

What or Who out in the world really bothers me? 

What aspect of this is a reflection of myself that I don't like?

What am I projecting out into the world at this time?

What aspects of my shadow self do I bring up as a joke, when I'm not really joking?

What areas of my life do I try too hard to control?

What toxicity do I need to remove from my life at this time? 

Which attachments in my life are no longer healthy?

What am I letting go of at this time? 

Where can I recover my inner strength from?

Remember through all this struggle and darkness you are the light. You are the enactor of change. This is happening because you are meant to ascend your current vibration and move on to the next one. Do not fear change. Do not fear death. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. 

Here is you New Moon in Scorpio Spread, if you end up posting your cards please tag @noblelionprints 


XOXO Chelsea