Tarot - What to ask and how to ask it

One of the most intimidating things about getting a reading or even reading for yourself as a beginner can be what to ask and how to ask it! Ive decided to share some of my personal tips on this subject. 

As a general rule if you ask a vague or general question you will tend to get a vague and general response from the cards unless there is something subconscious waiting to burst through and speak. The same can be said for specific questions, they typically will garner very clear and specific answers. 

So, when reading for someone who is inexperienced with the Tarot I tend to start with something general like a celtic spread to get a feel for whats going on with them. The celtic spread is a good starting place because it covers most bases and allows for a good flow of communication. (If you are unfamiliar with the celtic spread you can check it out HERE) Once I go through all the placements and meanings in the celtic spread I typically will ask if there are anymore specific questions on that subject and have my client pull a few more cards accordingly. This is great for clarification and closure on the subject. 

When reading for myself I like to do things a little differently. Im big on writing down my readings so I will usually map out my questions on paper before I even touch my cards. This also cuts out the possibility of forgetting what question goes with what card! When asking questions I phrase them like I would if I was talking with another human being - its just that simple. Let me give you some examples:

*Say you are interested in someone but don't really know where you stand with that person  - you could ask things like "what are the intentions of this person in relation to myself" - "Is the timing right for this to happen" - or simply "does this person like me"

*Say you are looking for a new job and have two potential options - you could ask something along the lines of "Which path is best suited to my needs option A or B" - or "which job will make me the happiest emotionally option A or B" - "Which job will bring me the most financial rewards option A or B"

*Say you want to know about your financial situation over the next couple of months (I do readings like this a lot) - pick a card for each coming month that you're interested in and get a feel for whats coming - or take it a step further and pick a card for each week in the coming month to get more of a break down. 

I want to stress that anything can be a question but its best to be as clear and simplistic as possible when asking that question so you limit the chances of being confused by the answer! 

I hope this was helpful! 

XOXO Chelsea 

Do you have more questions on how to ask questions??? Do you need a reading? Please leave a comment or email me at noblelionprints@gmail.com