New Moon in Sagittarius {12/02/2013}

Key words for this NEW MOON:

  • Retreat
  • Reflect
  • Replenish
  • Reach {for the stars} 

The new moon is a wonderful time of the month that allows us an emotional clarity to really think about where were at and where we want to go. Being in SAGITTARIUS for this new moon, helps us to ponder these questions in a big picture sense. We are all connected and no one understands the webs that weave our existence quite like Sagittarius. 

The new moon is always associated with BEGINNINGS. That is why it is the best time to set your INTENTIONS for the month. Choose wisely which seeds you will plant this month for they will take root. These new beginnings and adventures will bring joy and a sense of tolerance for humanity. 

Sagittarius encourages us to let our inner EXPLORER wander! See some new sights, visit new places, try that yoga studio you've been thinking about joining. When we ADVENTURE out of our comfort zone awesome things start to happen. 

Ponder ways you can live a more MEANINGFUL life. Is your day to day life really living up to your standards and expectations? Are you on the path to fulfilling your TRUE dreams and desires? Don't be just another cog in the machine, get out there and LIVE! 

Don't be afraid to take this new moon energy and RUN with it.