Tribute to Venus

I finally finished a painting of Venus I started back in 2014. As a tribute to make up for my terrible neglect I also wrote a poem in her honor...

*Note: If you hate poetry, this post is {NOT} for you, good day. 


Venus, goddess of love, sprung from the froth of the sea. She was quick with her laughter, and forever after looked over all that would be. 

She won the golden apple and was declared the fairest of them all. No matter what she did she did it standing tall. 

She shines and twinkles with her over flowing affections. She is but one of the forms of comic divine perfection. 

But beware of the scornful side of this beauty. Pay her homage like its your heavenly duty.

Brought to us inside of a shell. She is lovely, intelligent and elegant without fail. 

Follow your heart and never your head. If Venus can’t be happy she’d rather be dead. 

So close to earth and easy to call. Venus is wise in not one way but all. 

Relationships can always prosper under her gentle care and when you need her most she is always there. 

The virgin in spirit who would not be owned. A woman with a constitution of stone. 

Embrace your womanly charms and be playful with hearts, but try your best to do no harm. 


XOXO Chelsea