Oh January!?

This has been a hard month for me to wrap my head around. It seems like so many things have happened and the month isn't even over yet.

I have gotten quite a few surprise orders in this notoriously slow post holiday month which has been a huge blessing. I got a surprise visit from one of my BEST FRIENDS Raychel McDaniel who lives 12 hours away!!! That was incredible to say the least! Annd Im going to get to see another BEST FRIEND, Nic next week on my days off.

Mark and I decided it was time to start talking to a realtor  and looking at houses if we want to find a home by June when our lease is up so that has been amazing. I have painted several pieces this month that I am really proud of!! Including The Strength Card (soon to be included in my work in progress tarot deck) and Frieda!! 

There has been some intense astrological energy flying around with the Full Moon in Cancer and Venus in retro grade but all in all the struggle has been towards the higher goals and next levels. As Venus goes direct we should start to see some of the material fruits of our labors and love. We have moved from Capricorn into Aquarius which means its time to start thinking outside the box. Break away the old to make room for the new. I know I have been feeling this energy very intensely because I moved my alter to a completely different room and set up a painting station in my office to inspire more creativity! Changing things around feel good and its quite necessary. With Mercury in Aquarius for the next couple weeks its a brilliant time for ideas and visions. Keep a notebook close to jot down your million dollar ideas! 

Now would be a really great time to make a vision board! 

When I was doing my initial reading for this year where I pick a single card to represent each month I was a little worried about January because I got the Ace of Pentacles Reversed. But the more I think and meditate on the meaning I think it was simply saying that I would have to hustle for my money this month it will not just be handed to me. I can live with that! 

xoxo chelsea 

Your mind is a garden

Your thoughts are the seeds

You can grow flowers 

or You can grow weeds