Noble Lion's Tarot Journal + Printable Tarot Cards

Today, Im going to show off my personal Tarot Journal and give you ideas on how to create your very own. If you're here for the printable Tarot Cards you can find that link below.


I primarily use my Tarot Journal for study and recording personal readings, but there are no limits to what you could do with yours! Some of my online Tarot friends record their dreams, predictions and rituals as well.

You can totally pull off this journal on a budget if you want something basic or if you're like me you probably have a ton of what you need already lying around the house! These are just my recommended supplies, use your imagination and add whatever feels right - {GLITTER} {UNICORN FARTS} {WHATEVS} 

For study, I really liked the idea of having a tarot card glued to each page that I could easily reference back to without having to search through a separate deck or use a book. I found this free printable mini tarot deck to print out and glue into my journal. It was time consuming but totally worth it! 

I prettied up my dividers a bit using my favorite stickers from Papaya Art! You could also paint or doodle on your dividers to give them a personal touch. 

Hopefully this is enough to get you excited for making your own Tarot Journal! I love mine and know one day when its full, i'll be really glad I had the foresight to put it all together so neatly. If you have any comments or questions leave them below! 

XOXO Chelsea