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Day 3 

I'm happy to report that so far my experience with this cleanse has been really awesome! It has been hard to resist munching after 8 and trying to consume all the water my body needs. I have had to talk myself out of sweets and meal prep takes time BUT I feel like it's all worth it. I'm down 2 pounds, my energy has been through the roof and I've been feeling extra good about myself and life!

*We'll see if I'm singing the same tune when I hit day 6 and 7 which will be my 100% juice days!   

Here's the smoothie I'm blending up today! Enjoy! 


Conscious Cleanse Adventure

Day #1

I picked up this book called conscious cleanse about a year ago, read the intro and first few chapters and then lost interest. I picked the book back up yesterday read it cover to cover and decided to give it a try. I can do anything for two weeks right?! I highly recommend picking up the book but here are the basics that I'm integrating to start with. 


2. Smoothies to kick start the day (today's recipe at the end of this post)  

3. Healthy snacking  

4. Premeditated and preped meals

5. No eating after 9:00 pm  

6. Whole foods whenever possible  

7. Staying away from sugar, dairy and gluten  

8. Carefully reading food labels  

9. Starting on some simple supplements B12 complex,biotin and an herbal mixture from whole foods called tummy control  

10. Keeping it simple and remembering to connect with my food and listen to my body  


Throw in the blender : 

-1 banana  

-1 apricot  

-1 peach 

-2 fists full of kale  

-1 handful of grapes  

-1 cup of ice  

-2 cups of juice (I used ginger apple juice from whole foods)  

I'm planning to document my two week journey and make these changes in life style permenent!  




Here's a pic of the book I'm basing this cleanse off of!!