Commune, Communicate, Commemorate

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Welcome to my very first BLOG HOP! There are links above to lead you to the blogs before and after mine and a master list so you can see them all in one place! Yay community!

This month’s topic is:

Samhain is the time of the feast of the dead in many cultures. For our topic, I would like you to post about a loved one or someone you admired/disliked (historical figures are fair game) that ties in with Tarot, Lenormand or an Oracle deck.

***Commune, Communicate, Commemorate with those who have gone on before us. ***

The most influential, kindest, and generous man I ever knew, is my Papa Willie. He is also the only person I’ve ever known that has died.

Prior to my Papa passing over, I never had a strong fear of death. Death seemed like a natural transition in life because of my belief in reincarnation, working with the Tarot, and learning Astrology at such a young age. My dreams and thoughts were not haunted by death because I knew there are many more lifetimes to come.

When Papa Willie left us, I lost my hero, my idol and love of my life. It was hard to accept that he had died and was never coming back. The first two months after he was gone my life was a hot mess. I would listen to “Miss American Pie” on repeat and cry endlessly. I couldn’t feel his energy or his spirit anywhere, I went into crisis mode. Soon, I was questioning my intuition and beliefs that I’ve always known were true. When I could eventually compose myself enough to go into public the first person I saw was my personal psychic, Bright Eyes.

There were questions I had for Bright Eyes that I needed help answering. Why I could not feel my Papa around me? Where was he and what could I do about the huge hole he left behind? The reading took place many years ago but I’ll never forget what Bright Eyes said. Bright Eyes told me that Papa Willie was happy about where he moved on to and he was watching over everyone in my family. Bright Eyes said that Papa Willie had been keeping his distance with me because I was more sensitive and in tune with him; he was having a hard time controlling my emotions whenever he was close to me or on my mind. He said I was right all along and to never stop trusting myself. Papa Willie also told me he was proud and to always keep reaching for my goals. The most important message I received was that my Papa was still there for me to talk to and lean on. I just had to learn to listen in a different, or higher way.

Since that reading, my Papa Willie and I have developed the most beautiful spiritual relationship and we commune on a daily basis when I read the Tarot for myself. The altar I keep is dedicated to him and my family speaks his name so often, an outsider may think he’s in the next room and not just with us in spirit. I’m not the type to tell anyone how to deal with their grief or what to believe about death, but this is my experience and you’re welcome to it.

From what I’ve learned, I created a 5 card spread to help anyone get in touch with their spirit guides.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments!


JOY VERNON                     MASTER LIST               CHRISTIANA GAUDET 

October Deck Of The Month - The Halloween Tarot

For the month of October I will be working exclusively with The Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee; Art by Kipling West. I just purchased this deck at the spirit fair and I am really excited to get to know it. My Halloween Tarot came in a tin which I am loving more and more as I can carry it around without worrying about wear and tear. The deck was inspired in part by The Nightmare Before Christmas which I thought was pretty neat being a huge fan myself. 

The first real difference I noticed was the suit names:

Pumpkins = Pentacles 

Ghosts = Cups 

Imps = Wands

Bats = Swords

They still have the traditional symbols in the Minor Arcana which cuts down on the confusion but it still took my by surprise when I was shuffling through the deck. I am going to do a spread I created to get some insight into this deck!   


Feel Free to follow along if you have a new deck you would like to get to know. When I open a new deck I like sit in front of my altar and take it back to childhood by mixing my deck in a huge pile in front of me on my tarot mat. 

1. HALLOWEEN TAROT, PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF. THREE OF BATS - I am a deck that cuts deep into the heart of matters. I do not sugar coat my words and you can always expect a clear reading from me. 

2. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? THE MAGICIAN - I excel at manifestation, magic, spell casting, and can bring together any ritual. 

3. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITATIONS? THE SIX OF GHOSTS - I am limited in the emotional realm. I do not quite understand sentiment and sensitivity. 

4. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT DO I HAVE TO LEARN FROM YOU? STRENGTH - I am here to teach you that sometimes in magic a gentle touch is much more effective than a shove. 

5. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO WORK WITH YOU? KNIGHT OF GHOSTS REVERSED - It would be best to work with me in a way that is logical, practical and unemotional. 

6. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT WILL BE THE OUTCOME OF OUR RELATIONSHIP? FIVE OF PUMPKINS REVERSED - Together we clear out your emotional baggage and change your outlook on the energy of money. 

I must say some of the Halloween Tarot's answers were pleasantly surprising. I'm not sure what I was really expecting to learn from this deck but my excitement has been rekindled all over again! 

What deck have you been using the most lately? Do you use several decks or just one on a regular basis? Habits of other readers have always fascinated me so please do share. 

XOXO Chelsea