Things I believe in..

I believe in Intuition. That little whisper that lets you know if your headed in the right or wrong direction. That voice that sometimes gets drowned out by the chaos of everyday life. When we heed that intuition not only do we feel confident in ourselves and the path we are taking but great things tend to follow. No one ever got anywhere great by ignoring their intuition. 


I believe in magic and energy. Many magical things have happened to me in my life so many in fact that I cannot deny the forces of magic. The universe has provided for me out of thin air, heard my desires and answered with more than Ive asked for to start with. I have watched life come into this world and I have experienced death and in my eyes it is all magic and energy. I find that with concentration and will power I can manifest almost anything into existence which is also pretty damn magical. 


I believe that People are People. Regardless of their make, model, mistakes and choices everyone has a soul that is eternal and part of the one love. Just because someone takes a different path to the same destination does not mean he is better or worse than another. It means that he is having a different experience. At some point in space and time we have been and will be everything there is to be because the point of life is experience and you do not learn the experience of earth from one perspective, you learn it from many. 


I believe in Reincarnation. I know I have lived before and I know I will live again. My brain can not accept the idea that we live one life and we are done. We live in an infinite universe of possibilities how could we possibly learn anything in just one go?!  It just doesn't make sense to me. Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be changed in to different forms. Why would we be any different?


I believe in Karma. I believe that actions do have consequences (good and bad) that can bridge across life times or keep you trapped in patterns until you wake up and realize whats going on. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Karma and manifestation work on the same principals of what you give is what you get. I like to think of it as unbiased cosmic scale that must be balanced. 


I believe in Love. I believe that love can heal, liberate and change everything. When we can approach situations out of love instead of fear or hate there is hope. Hope that we can come together to heal our true mother, Earth. 


Heal yourself and each other. 

XOXO Chelsea