Tarot vs Oracles

What’s the big difference?


I like to think of the Tarot and Oracle relating to the left and right sides of the brain.

Left Side (Logical)

The Tarot is systematic, logical and only has 78 cards. Tarot has 22 Majors which represent The Fool’s Journey start to finish and 56 Minors or Pip cards that relate to personalities and everyday situations. The Tarot is the older of the two traditions and requires memorization to be effective. Intuition does come into play with Tarot but it is mixed with the study and structure of its history.

Right Side (Intuitive)

Oracle decks are less traditional and have varying themes and meanings. They do not have a set amount of cards in each deck or a set structure. They are read intuitively and leave interpretation to the user in some cases. Where as Tarot is a consistent system that can be read with any version of a Tarot deck, Oracles are unique to themselves. Oracles have specific themes and purposes that do no translate between different deckS usually. 

 Personal Preference

I got my hands on my first Tarot deck and book when I was 14. I love the history and student aspect of Tarot. I took the time to learn Tarot like it was my job (which it is now). My Cancer ascending sign makes me a lover of anything with a rich history so I think it’s safe to say that Tarot is my main dish. That being said I do own BOTH! I have different uses for both Tarot and Oracle decks. For personal readings and client readings I use primarily Tarot. I have about 30 different Tarot decks that I keep in rotation so things never get stale (Venus in Gemini). I love to use Oracle decks for meditation, visualization, scrapbooking and journaling. Sometimes when doing daily readings I like to pull one card from the Tarot and one card from an Oracle just depending on my mood.

Which is right for you? 

-Is there one you feel more drawn to? Tarot or Oracle?

-Do you like structure or are you more loosey goosey?

-Do you have time to devote to study or are you getting in spirit time in between work, school and family?

-Does the idea of 78 cards feel overwhelming? Yes/No

-Are you planning to use your cards in conjunction with another spiritual practice? Yes/No

-Are you a details person or a big picture person?

{Maybe you’re meant to work with both!}



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XOXO Chelsea


Reveal and Review: Connected and Free Alchemist Oracle

It finally arrived from Australia! My Alchemist Oracle deck is here and it's everything promised and more!

I am really excited to work with this deck because it is so vastly different from tarot. It has no order, no numbers, no suits and was intentionally designed to be read with your intuition giving new meanings to the cards each time you read them. I have heard people in Tarot/Oracle groups refer to this oracle as being a sister deck to the Wild Unknown Tarot and that is a spot on assessment!

Check out The Star card from Wild Unknown next to the Abundance card from Alchemist Oracle!  Say whaaaaat? These are awesome! 


I have always considered my Wild Unknown deck to be obscure and magical and this Alchemist Oracle feels the same way. It speaks through its amazing artwork, choice of keywords and attention to detail. 

Here are the nitty gritty facts for all of you who have been pining over this deck but haven't pulled the trigger. 

I purchased the deck at www.innerhue.com, the deck itself was $50, shipping from Australia to US was $22.

The Alchemist Oracle arrived in 8 days. It was beautifully wrapped and packaged which you can see in my reveal video below! There was a genuinely sweet, hand written thank you note included as well. 

For the full reveal and gorgeous unclose pictures of each card in the deck check out my youtube video below! Don't forget to Subscribe!