Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon : Mother Moon 

The Full Moon is a time of completion, celebration, abundance and gratitude. The Full Moon is the ideal time to hold ceremony or celebrate rites of passage. The circle of the Full Moon encourages us to gather and celebrate the abundance of life. The Full Moon is also a great time to charge your crystals, especially if you seek abundance! 

The Moon Mother is at her most fertile during the Full Moon. Whatever seeds you planted during the New Moon have ripened and are ready for harvest. How does the Full Moon make you feel? Does she energize you? Make you emotional? Give you strength? What is your relationship with the Full Moon? 


Full Moon Meditation: Drawing Down The Moon


If possible stand outside in direct moonlight. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and lift your hands to Mother Moon. Feel her moonlight swirling all around you like the protective aura of a Mother. Take deep breaths and speak to her! Ask her for protection, guidance or anything else you need from her. Be creative and don’t feel shy, she watches over you always. Feel her energy sweep over you and fill you up. When you are ready to release whatever is holding you back imagine your ball of moonlight growing to encompass your city, state , country, continent, and planet, out to the stars and beyond! If you want to ground yourself to close out this meditation here is a link to my grounding techniques


When its warmer I like to get naked and dance under the Full Moon, but to each his own. 

XoXo Chelsea