Using the New Moon to Set Intentions

Working with The New Moon

The New Moon is viewed by many intuitives as the beginning or the void. When you look to the sky the NM is completely dark and symbolizes the blank slate before creation takes place. 

This phase is notoriously helpful when setting intentions and laying down ground work in manifestations. We tend to attract new people and opportunities with ease during the NM and its also optimal for abundance and prosperity spells of all kinds! 

This time of the month encourages us to forgive others and ourselves. Its a time to allow hope and optimism back into our lives release anything we've been holding on to from the previous cycle. 


Noble Lion’s Guide to Setting New Moon Intentions

Here is my process, keep in mind that all magic is unique and you do not have to do things the same way, take what resonates and ditch the rest, you wont hurt my feelings! 

  1. Gather your witchy supplies! I like to set the mood by smudging my space and lighting a few candles at my altar. I always keep a journal, pen, and tarot deck handy and add whatever else I’m feeling at the time be it incense, crystals or blessed rose water. The only supplies I would say are absolutely necessary would be your journal and writing utensil, the rest is for ambiance and will in no way effect the power of your intentions if you do not have them. 
  2. Think! Like really, sit down in your sacred space and think about where you're at, where you're going and what you REALLY want. Think about what you are grateful for and begin writing down your intentions as they come to you. Be as specific as possible to ensure that you don't end up with something you may not have intended to manifest. Your list may be a single thing or go on for pages, there is no right or wrong way to set your intentions so do what feels right! 
  3. Visualize! Once you have written down your intentions take some time to close your eyes and watch what you have just asked for unfold in your minds eye. Are you trying to manifest a house? What does it look like, is it brick or does it have siding? Are you in the country or surrounded by city neighbors? How many bathrooms does it have? Is the yard big or small and easy to manage? Does your dream house have a fence?.. You get the idea.  
  4. Allow the Universe to do her thing! Manifestations take time and likely wont happen overnight, I say likely because you never know! Be patient and have faith that the Universe will deliver. 
  5. Follow up with action! What can you do to help your intentions along? Going back to the buying a house scenario, are there papers that you could be filling out? Programs you could be talking to? Real estate agents that you could be interviewing? Don't expect the universe to do all the work, this is were a lot of people slip up and don't end up seeing results. 


Some other ideas: 

*Vision Boards! 

*New Moon Manifestation Bags! 

*New Moon Magic Circle with friends! 

*Making your intentions digital for easy access! 

*Intention setting scrap book! 

*Allowing someone you love to help you with accountability! 

*New Moon Intention index cards! 

*New Moon Binder with fancy tabs and lots of organization (for all my Virgos out there) 

*Recording your desires and intentions on voice memo instead of writing them down. 

*Turning your intentions into a song!

Please leave any comments or questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer everything I can! I just started Noble Lion Tribe, a Facebook group to get better connected to my readers and spiritual tribe! Join us HERE! Get your free Aquarius Coloring Page before we move into Pisces! 

XOXO Chelsea

Full Moon in Virgo - Refining the Rock

The Full Moon in Earthy Virgo asks us to step back and reorganize - our lives, our bedroom closet, the office…whatever has been messy and out of whack lately. We have been floating through the deep waters of Pisces but now we must stop swimming and think. We need a solid plan, one that will lead us to our bigger goals. Something tangible. Its a good idea to spend time alone peacefully contemplating and meditating in order to quiet and clear your mind. This Full Moon is asking us to let go of any thoughts or attitudes that no longer serve us like doubt, fear and hate. Once we have an open and clear mind we are ready to take decisive action towards our goals and turn our dreams into a reality.  

The Virgo energy calls us to purify in anyway possible. What are your eating habits? Are you eating clean? Do you feel nourished by what you put into your body? Have your been treating yourself well emotionally? Have you been challenging your mind or zoning out on the boob tube?

Its time to focus on the sacred trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit. When you strengthen your body, it sharpens your mind, when you sharpen your mind it strengthens your spirit, when your strengthen your spirit your body follows suit. They are all three intimately connected.

With other aspects finishing their brutal dances we find ourselves in the middle of some serious transformations bringing new beginnings we never thought possible. Change is never easy or comfortable but when we accept it we are rewarded with something better than what we left behind. 

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XOXO Chelsea

Happy Imbolc

Happy Imbolc! Also known as Candlemas, today we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and the first stirrings of Spring. After yesterdays down pour of snow and gray skies, it feel so appropriate that the Sun is shining bright in Colorado, on the day we celebrate its rebirth! 


The short days of Winter are almost behind us and the longer days of Spring are on the way.
This holiday is celebrated with fire to remind us that we will have warmth in our lives again. In todays culture this may not seem very relevant since we no longer plant crops and grow food for survival but to our ancestors this was a very sacred time. It represented hope to those who were struggling to survive Winter. It was a holiday of promise that there would be life and abundance once again. 

To honor the changing of the seasons it is custom to light every lamp and candle in the house if only for a few minutes to honor the coming of longer days, which brings more light. As you enjoy the warmth of the burning candles think about what you want to give birth to this Spring. Are you looking to create abundance in your life, find a more fitting job or work more on your spiritual self? Do you want to use your body to its highest potential or expand your mind? Now is the time to plant those seeds in your metaphysical garden so they can grow in sync with the seasons. 

Enjoy this beautiful and hopeful holiday and remember to give thanks for all the wonderful things in your existence!

XOXO Chelsea