First Friday Art Walk

Mark and I met up with our friend Kye and his brother to check out the art walk down on Santa Fe in downtown Denver. As an artist I was stoked and I was not disappointed! There were people everywhere, all the stores were open with incredible art and delicious finger foods. There were free beers and wine at every other gallery and I found some amazing things I just could not pass up! 


The top one is a print I picked up for $5 and the bottom one is a plaster mold that was painted and glazed that I got for $20 I'm so pumped for both! 

Here are some other picture from our adventure!  



I met the owners of a couple galleries and might be hanging my own art in 2015 how exciting!!!! 

Here is an adorable pic of my friends cat. Enjoy.  




A Colorado Danksgiving

Although I won't be eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my family in Oklahoma, I will be celebrating Danksgiving here in Colorado. I plan to spend most of the day in my underware lounging around with Mark and Saphira. I'm more of a foodie than cook so we will be eating a delicious meal of blunts, ice cream, oreos and pie. 

I want to take a few moments to give thanks and gush about the amazing people in my life.  

My husband - I know every wife on the planet probably posted this to Facebook sometime today, but I mean it! I'm married to one stand up guy and he deserves some thanks! Thanks for supporting me in all realms, dreams and goals. Thanks for loving all my weird and quirky ways. Thanks for laying good pipe.  

My Family and Friends - They are near and far and I love them all them all the same. Thanks to my mom for passing on her sagey ways. Thanks to all my cousins who know me like their own siblings, I miss you dearly. Thanks to all my many grandparents I learned more about life and the ways of the world from you than you'll ever know. 

I am so grateful for the friends I have made in this life it brings tears to my eyes. Thanks to Stevie for being my best friend since diapers. Thanks to Jamie for being my friend therapist and spiritual co-adventurer. Thank you to Raychel and Ben for always putting a smile on my face even from 700 miles away. Thanks to Chris for being my native soul brother on this crazy planet called earth. Thanks to ALL of my gays for being fabulous and not giving a fuck. Thanks to all the people I've met in Colorado who have already captured my heart. 

Freedom - I am grateful for the right to smoke marijuana legally in the state of Colorado. I have always believed that this would be a reality eventually and here I am, living the dream. 

My supporters - I am thankful for everyone who supports me. Weather it's through my art, budtending, waxing, or social media  I am grateful. 


 "Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance."

-Eckhart Tolle

Have a wonderful Danksgiving and hug the ones you love.