Working with 4 of Pentacles

I recently purchased TAROT OF THE NEW VISION and I am learning so much! This deck is so unique because it takes the traditional RWS deck and paints all the pictures from the opposite prospective.  Examples: 



Seeing these cards I know like the back of my hand from these new perspectives has totally brushed the cobwebs away from my tarot studies! I'm seeing things in a whole new light and I'm loving it.  

Let's look at the 4 of Pentacles: 


When I saw this version of the 4oP it took on such a deeper meaning than being frugal, stingy or greedy with your resources. I realized this card is about making small sacrifices for big dreams. It's about going without today, so you can have something better tomorrow.

It's about self discipline and reaching goals at a slow but steady pace!

This is a card for young couples saving for their first house or someone gathering resources to start a business! This is a starting card. A card where being financially minded is of utmost importance.

This is a check point card one that says "yes, you have come a long way, but you still have a long way to go." 

If you have big dreams your  on your horizon pull this card from your deck and do your own study! Place it on your alter and allow the energy of this card to envelop you! 

What decks have blown your mind and gave you new perspectives on tarot meanings? I'd love some recommendations! 

XOXO Chelsea  

Wtf: Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/30 - 4/05/15

Beginning of the week - Death - We're starting the week off with some sweeping changes. Its time for winter to blossom into spring. From the ashes of death we are reborn. Right now we are motivated to build ourselves up bigger, better and stronger. If we embrace change this can be a supporting energy. If we reject change we can find ourselves getting swept up in the current feeling very out of control. Embrace the flow of the universe. 

Middle of the week - Temperance - We need to step back from the hustle and bustle of life to find our inner peace and balance. It is tempting to run yourself into the ground this week but you must find time to replenish your cup. If you are not feeling centered and balanced it will throw off your energy in other areas! Take a cleansing bath with sea salts and essential oils if possible. Make time for yourself and honor that time by not feeling guilty. 

End of the week - Ace of Coins - Wrapping up the week we have money on the mind. An opportunity to start on a fruitful path is here and it might be just the kind of change we were looking for in the Death card earlier this week. Be practical in your planning and keep a firm grasp on the inner workings of your newest endeavors. 

XoXo Chelsea