Mountain Climbers

It can be exhausting to even exist sometimes. After climbing the most challenging mountain it will only reveal the greater mountain behind it. Stopping at the top of this mountain would be easy, but the next peak calls to be conquered. One step at a time and one foot in front of the other another journey begins. The destination is unclear but the goal is progress. Doubts come during the rocky terrain and stormy weather, then clear paths and a friendly travelers refresh the spirit. Falling happens for nobody was born a mountain climber, but experience sharpens the eye until mistakes are more easily avoided. Consider the advice of other travelers from unique paths as they have been places and seen things that are foreign and new. Be true and honest in all dealings and leave brothers and sisters in peace. Remember that the path is chosen before it is ever walked. The roads to be traveled to balance the scales of karma were chosen by those who walk them before they had legs. In their infinite wisdom they saw each path and chose accordingly. Be true to the path. Honor the path even when it is not understood.

XOXO Chelsea