Mercury In Retrograde Themes

For my friends that chose number 1 - You picked the Ace of Cups as your theme for this Mercury Retrograde. This is a card about emotional abundance and joy. Congratulations, you will be very in sync with this planetary cycle. That is really good news as your emotions will not likely be as confused and misinterpreted as everyone else. You will likely feel more intuitive during this period noticing synchronizations at every turn. This card mixed with Mercury Retro grade can sometimes mean an unexpected pregnancy so be extra careful if that is not in the immediate plan. That last bit obviously does not apply to everyone.

For my friends that chose number 2 - You picked the 5 of Swords as your theme for this Mercury Retrograde. This card is about the struggle between moving forward into the unknown or staying entrenched in the familiar. In my humble opinion the unknown is always the most highly rewarded. This period of growth  is necessary for future success of your long term dreams. This is a cycle of paying your dues so that you so you can overcome any obstacle that has been standing in your way. In regards to the Retrograde make sure your plans are air tight and well organized so Mercury does not catch you unawares! 

For my friends that chose number 3 - You picked the 6 of Wands for your theme this Mercury Retrograde. This is the VICTORY card! You have been working hard towards a goal and it will be realized during this planetary cycle. This card indicates financial rewards in relation to career. Sometimes this card can mean that it is good timing to pursue creative endeavors. This is a very powerful card to get during Mercury Retrograde so use this energy to push through any final obstacles standing in your way. Also know that you are supported in your community and craft. 

XOXO Chelsea