Let's Paint and Sip!

I hosted a paint and sip party this weekend! It was so much fun and a total success! Everyone brought wine and homemade goodies including some delicious Pinterest recipes and polish pastries to die for! We drank, we snacked, and we painted. At the end of the night everyone came away with a unique and adorable painting! 

For $15 the girls got a 12X12 canvas, access to all of my art supplies and the option to follow along with my guided group painting. We started at 7 and wrapped the night up around midnight! I could tell a few of the girls were a little nervous about starting but we dived right in and everyones creativity came alive! We took plenty of wine breaks “to let our paintings dry” and snacked our hearts out. A few of the girls had their own inspiration and brought some beautiful paintings to life. Leading the group felt very natural and the girls were an absolute pleasure! We got messy, we giggled and my husband was a good sport about taking pictures through out the night. Overall I think it was a pretty great way to spend a Saturday night in Denver. Huge thanks to the girls that came out, it was so much fun and I cannot wait to host the next one! If your local and you want to paint, email me! FOLLOW ME ON INSTA/TWITTER/TUMBLR/FACEBOOK! @NOBLELIONPRINTS