Heartstrings and Tarot Reading

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Relationships and Tarot go together like Batman and Robin. Tarot can be used to understand and improve all relationships. Having an issue with your boss? Is your neighbor driving you crazy? Are things off with you and a close friend? Sounds like its time for a reading

Tarot is an amazing tool for analyzing relationships. Whether you are looking for love, want to dig deeper in your current relationship or having problems, the Tarot can help in all aspects.

I do regular readings with my husband to check in and see where we are at and it's surprising how much comes to the surface during these sessions. I think open communication is the key to success in any relationship and the Tarot is a great facilitator of that. 

One of my favorite uses for Tarot is to determine an individuals motivation. In life people do not always say what they mean and mean what they say. Tarot can bring inner motivations to light helping us to make informed decisions about people. This method of reading has saved me from bad decisions in my personal and business life on several occasions.

For example: If I am doing a relationship reading for someone and the Tower comes up, I might think that their relationship will be short lived or about to change drastically. If the Three of Cups comes up in a reading, one person may be emotionally involved with someone else leading me to wonder if they are really committed to the relationship or a threesome could be on the horizon. ;)

Lets do some practical application! Heres the first spread we will be using, if you have a relationship questions grab your deck and follow along! 

Stacy and Jack have been having a hard go of it, they split up a few weeks ago and cannot decide if they should be together or not. Lets try out this relationship spread and see what they should do moving forward. 

Partner 1 - Stacy - The Three of Cups represents celebrations, parties and loose emotional ties indicating that Stacy is seeking out the company of friends to get over this recent breakup. She may have another emotional interest that is dividing her attention. Stacy seems to be adjusting well and feeling pretty optimistic about where she is in life. 

Emotional Needs - Stacy - The Wheel of Fortune is a card about riding the high tides of life. Everything is temporary but for now Stacy is focusing on herself and moving in an upward direction. She has found a sense of independence and is enjoying what life is throwing her way right now. 

Area to work on - Stacy - The Six of Crystals (Pentacles) is a card about inner growth and prosperity. Now is the time for Stacy to channel her energy into her spiritual needs and refocus on abundance and prosperity. Stacy may be seeking out a new job to increase her income and ability to provide for herself. 

Partner 2 - Jack - The Two of Cups is the relationship or marriage card suggesting that Jack is still emotionally invested in this situation. He may be holding on to the romanticized idea of what once was when he should be focused on the now and the reality of the situation.

Emotional Needs - Jack - The Two of Crystals (Pentacles) signifies finding a balance in life. It may be time for Jack to reach out to his friends and family to help support him at this time. Perhaps Jack needs to get back to the basics and remember what it is that he loves to do outside of this situation. 

Area to work on - Jack - The Eight of Swords suggests an inability to move forward. Jacks perception surrounding this relationship may be clouded causing him to keep himself available when it may be healthier to move on. 

Advice from Spirit - The Six of Swords - Its time to move on because this ship has sailed. Its time to let go and make sacrifices for the sake of moving forward. This may be a hard decision to make but know it is temporary and moving on will benefit you both in the long run. 

Outcome - Awakening - It is time to ‘wake up’ and trust your inner voice. Stacy and Jack probably both know that this relationship is not in the interest of their highest good. That doesn’t have to mean in happened in vain. Its okay to look back on this relationship and see the lessons and successes it brought to your life. It happened for a reason and that is something to be grateful for. 

Lets look at a second example using only five cards. 

For this reading we will be peeking into the relationship of Mary and Alex. They have been together for a long while and want to check in on the status of their loving relationship, lets see how this spread applies. 

Seeker - Mary - The Queen of Crystals (Pentacles) has a steady and stable energy about her, a strong connection with the earth and a steady and committed heart. She likes to handle the finances in the relationship and enjoys the finer things in life. 

Partner - Alex - The Knight of Wands is active, imaginative and full of energy. He is constantly trying new things and looking for the spice in life. He is sometimes guilty of not finishing every project he starts but his heart is made of gold. 

For better - The Seven of Wands indicates that victory is possible when these two work together. Triumph is possible through personal courage and inner strength.This is an energetic and dynamic time for this relationship, its important to stay strong for each other. Do not be afraid to speak the truth as it will be well received. This relationship is headed in a positive direction. 

For worse - The Seven of Cups suggests that there is a propensity towards fantasy and temptation, it’s time to ground those energies and make a lasting commitment to this relationship. Daydreaming is okay, just don't take it too far. 

Outcome - The Ten of Cups signifies great happiness in all areas of family, life and love. This is a card of mutual respect within this relationship and has all the building blocks of something that will last the test of time. There is an understanding of the universal force of love and a sense of oneness within this relationship 

These are just two example of how a relationship reading could go. Each reading is going to be unique, as each relationship is unique! Feel free to PIN these Relationship Spreads for later use. If you'd like to schedule a Relationship Reading with me you can do that HERE. Don't forget to check out the other bloggers below! 

XOXO Chelsea 

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