Get Your Cards Right: For Better or For Worse?

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I am doing today’s reading in the new sacred space I’ve set up in my office. It’s been a beautiful and productive Sunday, but I’ve been looking forward to sitting down to do this reading all day!

Today’s question is a serious one. Our seeker is having doubts and is wondering if it’s time to move on from her relationship. She is a mother and wants to keep her family together but not for the wrong reasons. Let’s go to the question and see what the cards have to say about this difficult decision.

Dear Noble Lion,

I want to know if it’s time to move on. Been having a lot of divorce talk lately. I thought it was final and I am trying to move on emotionally, but my hubs is starting to realize what life would be like apart and wants to do the work to make it work. I have doubts. I am a mom and would do anything to keep my family together. Can you bring some clarity to my situation?


For Better or For Worse

For Better or For Worse, I am so sorry you are going through this in your relationship. I have created a spread just for your situation and we will walk through each card together. It sounds like we really need to get down to the individual motives of each person involved so let’s get started!

For this reading I am using the Crystal Visions Tarot. I’ve also included a visual for anyone who wants to try this spread at home. 

1. SEEKERS HEART AND INTENTIONS TOWARDS THE RELATIONSHIP? KING OF PENTACLES REVERSED. This card in the reversed position is about being stubborn and not following your heart because you think its too late to have what you really want in life. This card is stagnant and headed in a downward spiral. I would say in relation to your original question this card indicates to me that your heart is not 100% in this relationship. You have moved on more than you think and have closed the door in your heart that would allow a re-connection to blossom. On a base physical level you  simply are not satisfied with how things have been and will continue to be if you stay on this path. 

2. PARTNERS HEART AND INTENTIONS TOWARDS THIS RELATIONSHIP? KNIGHT OF CUPS REVERSED. In the reversed position this person is continuously falling in and out of love not really knowing what he wants. He is emotionally immature and often would rather be in a situation that isn't working than alone. He has a lot of ideas on how to fix things but doesn't follow through with those ideas in action. 

3. WILL STAYING TOGETHER MAKE THINGS BETTER? FOUR OF CUPS. The two of you are currently focusing so hard on this one "cup" that is your relationship that you are completely blinded to all the other possibilities out there. And I don't mean exclusively romantic possibilities either. By holding on to something that isn't working you could be missing out on joy, happiness or spiritual abundance. Taking a good account of what you really want in life is crucial. It is never too late to head in a new direction. 

4. WILL STAYING TOGETHER MAKE THINGS WORSE? QUEEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. When this queen is in the reversed position she is on nobodies team but her own. You two will continue to live in mental and emotional disharmony if you cannot let this go. When you guys communicate you are not really hearing each other and no progress is made. If you cannot get on the same team a relationship together does not have a bright future. 

5. OUTCOME? QUEEN OF CUPS REVERSED. Both parties involved are unwilling to forgive and forget at this time. The emotional disconnect may cause melancholy or depression which will only spiral the relationship further down. The Queen of Cup Reversed is symbolic of a martyr, living with an intolerable situation instead of changing it or leaving it behind. Learn from her and have the courage to face change with a smile. 

For Better or For Worse I hope this reading gave you some clarity and insight into this situation and its future. Remember that the cards are never set in stone, the tarot is fluid and you always have free will to act as you wish. 

XOXO Chelsea 

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