Guest Post : Heath Osage

   The mind controls the heart, legs, and organs. It decides to flick a finger or wiggle a toe. It decides to speak or not to speak. The mind controls every detail of the self's every movement and action. The mind controls not what we see but how we see it; giving us control over the very things that create what we call "reality".

With that being said, the universe is like the mind. Everything starts and finishes there. Everything that exists within our very being is found in space. The universe has, through its infinite evolution, blessed us all with all the resources we need to work in harmony with it, ourselves, and others.

The Buddha said, "nothing exists independently of itself." All things are here with the help of connection with the universe. You didn't manifest yourself into existence by your will alone. You are here by the union of sperm and egg. I personally believe that we already know how we got into existence and the answer is simple. I'm speaking specifically to the nature aspect when i say this, but its the union of male and female. They are not opposites of each other, they are compliments. We are who and what we are because of each other. Much like light and dark. Light would not exist without the dark. The Buddha said, "enlightenment would not exist had it not been for ignorance." If all the world was enlightened, by that same reasoning there would be no enlightenment.

This goes back to believing why the universe is "god". The universe gave birth to everything seen or unseen. We are held together by some cosmic balancing perfection. And on that same note, we do not have the power to make perfection, but that is the balance portion of the universe.

Our learning ability is perfection. The fact we can learn anything we want, retain information better than other species we know, and most significant of all is that like the universe, we too can create life. Which was the point i was trying to make of how we are the example of how the universe works. We are physical representations of the universe. If there is ever a need to sing in praise to a higher deity let it be the universe. Like god, the universe is vast, infinite, and contains all known knowledge. We just need to keep our minds and hearts open.