Full Moon Reading Revealed!

The beautiful Full Moon in Leo is here! Ill be doing some Moon Magic and Cleansing my crystals tonight! How do you celebrate the Full Moon? As promised here are your Full Moon Readings! I hope they bring some clarity to your life. 

For my friends that chose #1 - 

Theme: I let go and allow the Universe to do her thing - Do not discredit the passive cycles of life, sometimes when we let go of trying to control everything we achieve our goals even faster and with less resistance. There is a time to be active and a time to be passive, one is not better than the other, honor them both as they come. Have faith that the path you are treading is exactly where you are supposed to be. Trust your intuition and go in the direction you feel pulled towards. 

Challenge: Wisdom- Wisdom is only gained through experience and sometimes that can really test our limits. When times get hard as they sometimes will, its important to appreciate the lesson so you don't have to repeat it. The Universe will rarely drag you through a lesson you have thoroughly learned. Wisdom is a commodity more precious than gold gather it whenever you can. 

Advice: Strength - During this next Moon cycle focus on overcoming the desires of the beast within, work on spirit and acknowledge that it needs attention too. This card is ruled by Leo and it involves learning to harness your passions so you can direct your energies towards creative goals. Be confident when facing life and learn to make the beast work for you, not the other way around. Trust that you are worthy enough to receive what you are working for. 

For my friends that chose #2 - 

Theme: I don’t need to find my purpose; my purpose will find me - If you are looking for your purpose a good way to start is by following your heartstrings! What do you love? What makes you smile and does’t feel like work? Did something come to mind? Do that! We are attracted to things that bring us closer to the path of our destiny. If you seek it, you will find it and it will be lovely. 

Challenge: Achievement Rx - One of the hardest parts of this thing called life is learning to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. Do not focus all your attention at this time towards the future and what could be, allow yourself to be emerged in the NOW! Find your center and connect with it, you will get more results seeking within than you could outside of yourself. Goals are great but you need to know what you are shooting for to get what you truly want. 

Advice: 7 of Blooms (Cups) Rx - Do not avoid contemplation and self examination! It is time to take a good hard look at yourself and decide who you want to be, how you want to live. It is sometimes too temping to busy ourselves to the point that we “do not have time” to relax or attend to our spiritual needs. Do not fall into this trap because it will leave you with an empty heart, instead make time for yourself and reflect on what you truly want and need in life. When you are ready take steps to get there. 

For my friends that chose #3 - 

Theme: I release my need to be perfect and I center into my commitment to serve the world more love - I like to say that tolerance is my religion, but truly its love. Allow yourself to connect through your heart charka and choose love as often as you can. Do things out of love, and find love always finds its way back to you. 

Challenge: Water - Emotions are not always easy, but they are of the main way our spirit has of communicating with us. Find ways to understand your emotions and what triggers them. You might be tempted to avoid your emotions or bottle them up, but what water really needs to do is flow, so allow yourself to feel, because feeling is healing. Healing is hard work but rewarding work, and it springs from a place of love so cultivate that whenever you can. 

Advice: Two of Plumes (Swords) - Remember, you always have a choice. If you don't like where you are at, take action to change it. If you don't like who your with, be with yourself. Don't make excuses make a choice! Either your in or your out, honor that. You have the power to alter the course of your reality. Chose love for yourself, for others, for the earth. Go through this Moon cycle mindfully and take time to appreciate the power of your intention. 

XOXO Chelsea