Full Moon in Leo - Shine Bright

The Full Moon in Leo falls on January 23rd wrapping our month up with sunshine and creative vibes. This is a welcomed relief after the serious energy of Capricorn and the always stressful Mercury Retrograde. 

Live through your heart chakra and engage in the world around you. Step back from your ambitions for a moment and make sure they are aligned with whats in your heart. Encourage your creative self at every opportunity and let curiosity be your guide to new found talents. The Full Moon is always a great time for signing off on projects, reviewing accomplishments and bringing any work in progress to a happy conclusion. Be practical in your approach to your dreams moving forward and find creative solutions when obvious answers elude you. Work to create win/win situations whenever possible and don't be afraid to be generous with those who deserve it. 

Although romantic love will be highlighted with the Full Moon in Leo, many people will feel a strong calling to practice anything that enforces self-love. The focus turns inward as we nourish our spirit and our self worth. With all this self love going on don't forget to keep balance between your head and your heart. 

Things to consider at this Full Moon in Leo:

  • Have youbeen true to your authentic self?
  • How have you expressed yourself creatively lately?
  • Have you been chasing your hearts true desire?
  • Have your been your most generous self with those you love?
  • What talents have your come to learn and teach?
  • How can you live courageously in your life?

Follow your heart and fall in love with life as we move into February and the Aquarian energy. The Full Moon is also a great time cleanse your crystals and other spiritual tools, here are some tips! Also check out this lovely 2016 Moon Printable I put together its adorable and completely free to download! 

XOXO Chelsea 

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