Full Moon in Cancer + Cardinal Grand Cross

Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are very much alive.
— Charlotte Bronte

Expect emotional downpours and torrential conditions with this Full Moon in Cancer. Ruling over the Moon, Cancer is a very sensitive sign that feels everything very deeply. The abundance of Water energy in the cosmos right now is washing up any loose ends that haven't been dealt with on the emotional plane. Denial about our true feelings will do us about as much good as a toothpick umbrella in a rainstorm. 

Water is sometimes cold and uncomfortable, but it's also the great healer, cleanser, and grower of the elements. We need to allow the current energies to sweep through us clearing away the emotional debris so we can see what changes need to be made in our lives. The emotional epiphanies we experience during this Full Moon will directly affect the paths we walk moving forward. The upside to all of this emotional upheaval is that it has purpose. 

The changes that are going to be manifesting in your life are long-awaited and richly rewarding if you allow this Full Moon in Cancer to do its job of thoroughly wringing out your emotional self. We should be cautious of making rash decisions during this Full Moon. The tide of our emotions will be unusually high and it is best to let those tides subside before we act on any dramatic life changes. Once the Full Moon passes, if you still feel the same strength of desire to move forward with your changes you know it's a good idea and not an emotionally impulsive decision. 

This Full Moon is Trine Chiron and Mars in Pisces. These placements cultivate feelings of jealousy, envy, and vengefulness. It's possible that people who have hurt us in the past may resurface, we should not give in to their antics, taking the high road whenever possible. 

The Full Moon in Cancer activates the Cardinal Grand Cross with three other planets having an influence on us. Jupiter in Libra puts a magnifying glass on our relationships and partnerships. Uranus in Aries makes us self-centered and motivated to seek what we really want. Pluto in Capricorn challenges our most basic structures. There are so many paths and opportunities to seek out at this time that we may feel a little overwhelmed and tempted to make quick decisions. This is not advised as judgment will be clouded with emotion during the course of this transit. Remember to check in with your higher self for guidance and persepective when you find yourself feeling emotional. 

Here is my custom spread for this month's Full Moon. I hope it shed some light on this emotional mess. If you start feeling like you cant keep your head above water, remember this is just a rough transit, not a rough life. Like all things, this too shall pass. 


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