Earth and The Suit of Pentacles

Earth represents practicality, stability and materialism. Earth is the structure and discipline required to reach our highest aspirations.It is a stable element that supports and absorbs its surrounding energies. This element has the power to build you up or shake you to your core. Earth is most beneficial when it is structured, but it knows what it needs just like nature and should be left to its own devices. Earth is everything physical: stones, trees, bodies, mountains, animals, the planet, our physical realm and dimension, time, money, work, family, career, choices, experience and existence. It is practical and logical and measurable. Earth is order. 

Photo Credit Earth with Sacred Geometry

Photo Credit Earth with Sacred Geometry

Earth is connected to Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect and mischief. It can be very telling of love language and communication style. Venus is the infamous planet of love and beauty. Abundance surrounds this planet and she is very generous to those who fall under her sign. Saturn is known as the karma planet. For every action there is a consequence and Saturn never forgets. But! Saturn is fair and rewards hard work and kindness three fold. So pay it forward. 

Suit of Pentacles:

Pentacles are associated with the Element Earth and represent the qualities and traits of the three Earth signs in the zodiac: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. 

Keywords: Body/Material 

This suit is slow, steady and calculating. Pentacles are mature, practical and determined in what they want. They like life to be stable and routine. They are very focused on family and have a good grasp on finances and resources. They are driven and capable, willing to work hard for what they want. They may be quiet about their ambitions but they move closer towards them everyday. Pentacle energy is soothing, predictable and grounding. This suit is lavish and navigates well through the physical realm.

XOXO Chelsea