Reveal and Review: Connected and Free Alchemist Oracle

It finally arrived from Australia! My Alchemist Oracle deck is here and it's everything promised and more!

I am really excited to work with this deck because it is so vastly different from tarot. It has no order, no numbers, no suits and was intentionally designed to be read with your intuition giving new meanings to the cards each time you read them. I have heard people in Tarot/Oracle groups refer to this oracle as being a sister deck to the Wild Unknown Tarot and that is a spot on assessment!

Check out The Star card from Wild Unknown next to the Abundance card from Alchemist Oracle!  Say whaaaaat? These are awesome! 


I have always considered my Wild Unknown deck to be obscure and magical and this Alchemist Oracle feels the same way. It speaks through its amazing artwork, choice of keywords and attention to detail. 

Here are the nitty gritty facts for all of you who have been pining over this deck but haven't pulled the trigger. 

I purchased the deck at, the deck itself was $50, shipping from Australia to US was $22.

The Alchemist Oracle arrived in 8 days. It was beautifully wrapped and packaged which you can see in my reveal video below! There was a genuinely sweet, hand written thank you note included as well. 

For the full reveal and gorgeous unclose pictures of each card in the deck check out my youtube video below! Don't forget to Subscribe! 


Crystal Visions Tarot Deck Review

I purchased the Crystal Visions Tarot deck by Jennifer Galasso back in February and have spent my sweet time getting to know it. Crystal Visions has enchanting images and uses color in a really wonderful way! So far I have only been drawn to use this deck for my personal studies, journaling and meditation. However, I do think this would be a great deck to use with clients that are new to tarot or overly superstitious. It has gentle images and a kind energy so far as I can tell. While this deck follows the typical RWS structure, I find that it does have varying symbols and added themes which makes it a bit more fun and unique to read, but could be confusing for someone just getting started. The little white book that comes with the deck is infinitely helpful for getting to know this deck. 



* I was immediately in love with the backing image. It is a very attractive, and does not give away that the card is upright or reversed (a personal pet peeve), it reminds me of gazing into a crystal ball and the colors are gorgeous! 

* At first I wasn't sure I would like how light and gentle the theme of the deck was, I like cards that shock the psyche a bit and really tell you how it is, but deck has grown on me and become one of my staple decks. 

* I was really drawn to the suit of pentacles in this deck even more so than the wands which are usually my favorite suit. 

* I had no idea there was an Unknown Card in this deck prior to purchase. I didn't know how I felt about it at first but now I'm on board! Its fun when it comes up and its a good reminder that there are always things that we don't know. 

* I really like that many of the cards that traditionally depict men, are instead strong females! (The Chariot, The Fool and The Hermit)





* The imagery and imagination put into this deck are inspiring.

* It seems very friendly, open and easy to learn and work with.

*   Very in tune with nature, lots of animals and beautiful scenery depicted along with the lovely people. 

* Creative and gentle approach to some of the harsher cards like Death, The Devil and The Tower Card. 

* For some reason I have really come to like working with the court cards of this deck even though they are not like the traditional images. 


* Some of the images don't speak the meanings I'm used to, which is great creatively, but makes reading a bit harder. 

* I feel like all of the people in this deck are wearing the exact same facial expression. It is hard to read their emotions and they sometimes do not line up with emotions I have grown used to seeing in tradition RWS decks. 

* The cards themselves are a bit slippery and hard to keep in place when reading, not sure if that is because they are so new, but they seem to be very high gloss which I'm not sure I'm a big fan of. 


* Within the first week of using the cards my cardboard box for this deck started tearing and falling apart, so much that I had to make it a cloth case. 

*For some reason I do not like The Lovers card of this deck. It is too restricting and love relationship based, nothing in the imagery remotely reminds me of having to make choices. 



Overall I am very happy with my purchase of the Crystal Visions Tarot and will continue to get to know it and work with it in my daily life! Hope this was helpful and if it wasn't, well at least the pictures are pretty! 

XOXO Chelsea