2019 Year of the Empress

As we leave the year of the High Priestess we start to walk out of the dark subconscious energy of spiritual development and into the light and nurturing energy of The Empress. The Empress is a card bursting with abundance and new life. Creativity will be off the charts this year and money should be more accessible. Expect women to make incredible strides this year, there is no stopping us when we stand together! Astrologically we are starting this year off in really good shape with absolutely no planets in Retrograde! 

To help keep you in tune with the Moon I have made a new and beautiful 2019 Astro Moon Calendar! Just click the photo to download and print yours! 


How to use this Astro Moon Calendar

This handy graphic tells you every New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter Phase we will experience in 2019. The completely black Moons represent the New Moon and show what sign of the zodiac that NM will occur in. The completely white Moons represent the Full Moon and show what sign of the zodiac that FM will occur in. Use the New Moons for best results with intention based ritual work and the Full Moons for best results with completion or releasing based ritual work. You have the whole year at your finger tips! USE IT!

{2019 All Force. No Fear.}

Chelsea Smith

Noble Lion's Tarot Journal + Printable Tarot Cards

Today, Im going to show off my personal Tarot Journal and give you ideas on how to create your very own. If you're here for the printable Tarot Cards you can find that link below.


I primarily use my Tarot Journal for study and recording personal readings, but there are no limits to what you could do with yours! Some of my online Tarot friends record their dreams, predictions and rituals as well.

You can totally pull off this journal on a budget if you want something basic or if you're like me you probably have a ton of what you need already lying around the house! These are just my recommended supplies, use your imagination and add whatever feels right - {GLITTER} {UNICORN FARTS} {WHATEVS} 

For study, I really liked the idea of having a tarot card glued to each page that I could easily reference back to without having to search through a separate deck or use a book. I found this free printable mini tarot deck to print out and glue into my journal. It was time consuming but totally worth it! 

I prettied up my dividers a bit using my favorite stickers from Papaya Art! You could also paint or doodle on your dividers to give them a personal touch. 

Hopefully this is enough to get you excited for making your own Tarot Journal! I love mine and know one day when its full, i'll be really glad I had the foresight to put it all together so neatly. If you have any comments or questions leave them below! 

XOXO Chelsea 


Social Media Tracker - Free Printables

Things are getting serious with Noble Lion Prints. YAY! Its growing and I want to stay on top of everything! I know many of you run your own small businesses, so I created some printables that we can all use and share! I cannot wait to implement these into my monthly systems to track where Noble Lion Prints goes from here. These are absolutely free for you to print and share all over the web. Don't forget to show a little love by tagging me! 

How To Create a Brand Board + Checklist

What is a Brand Board and why do you need one? A Brand Board is an at-a-glance document that shows every element of your visual brand - from the fonts you use to your design elements. It brings consistency to your marketing and help convey the values, personality and attributes of your brand! Also, having a cohesive look through out your platforms will make you more recognizable to your fans or clients! I made this printable Checklist to help you on your way! 

Download Yours Here! 

Lets chat a bit about each individual element, keep in mind every brand is different and you may not need every single element listed to have a complete board. I use too many colors in my marketing to really need patterns as well, so I chose to leave this off my personal Brand Board. Make your Brand Board as unique as you are and do what feels right! 


I recommend at least one variation of the logo.  Its always a good idea to include one in color and one in black and white. Keep it simple when designing your logo. Its important to be able to understand what your brand is about at a glance. If you logo is text based, try playing around with a few different font combinations. 

Brand Color Palette:

The best place to start with your color palette is with a style inspiration board on Pinterest. If you already have a blog or graphics for your brand use these treasures to come up with the colors that best represent your brand. I would say 3-5 colors is a good place to start, but there are no limits, my color palette was a grand total of 12 colors. Be sure to get the Hex Code for each color so that you have consistency through out your branding. 

Brand Fonts: 

Start with 2-4 fonts for your brand. I recommend a bold font for titles and a complimenting yet contrasting font for tag lines. Pick a readable font for content and maybe one other alternate font. http://www.dafont.com is a great place to start looking for fonts, if your planning to use them long term or for publishing projects it might be a good idea to purchase your core fonts. 

Design Elements:

I chose to make my own design elements in Photoshop. It is fairly easy to create black and white line designs and turn them into a brush that you can reuse at any time. Here is a tutorial for further reference. You can also purchase Photoshop brushes or use design elements in photo apps. 

Brand Inspiration (optional) 

Going back to the style inspiration board on Pintrest, if you want you can include some of these pictures to bring color and life to your brand board. If you can include original product shots for your board or original artwork, even better! 

Brand Patterns (optional) 

If you use recurring patterns in your marketing use these to solidify the look of your brand and fill out your brand board! 

Website and Social Media Icons:

Its a good idea to include your website and other relevant information for someone to find your brand. If you use social media for marketing be sure to include the icons for your favorite Social Media platforms. Its also really important that your name is the same on every SM platform so potential fans and clients can find you on whatever platform works best for them!

Put it all together! 

Now that you have all of your essential elements, its time to use that creative third eye and put it all together! I used Photoshop to create my brand board, but you can achieve the same results with free programs like Gimp and Picmonkey. Design your board with your specific needs in mind. Maybe a square format would be more appropriate if you do most of your marketing on Instagram. Maybe a horizontal layout would look better for your brand, don't be afraid to try new things. Here's my brand board for a bit of inspiration! 

I hope to see some beautiful brand boards soon! Reach out if you need help, you know where to find me. 

XOXO Chelsea 

A Birthday Present for Capricorns!

Happy Birthday Capricorns! With the New Year I'm bringing in some new traditions! Ive decided to post a FREE COLORING PAGE each month as we move in to all 12 signs this year! Cappies, you're up first! This coloring page is from my recently publish book MAGIC OF THE ZODIAC available here or on Amazon! Hope you enjoy this little gift, if you post your colorings to social media don't forget to tag me! 


Download your free coloring page HERE  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

XOXO Chelsea