December Deck of the Month

This month’s deck is The Fountain Tarot! The soft, etherial imagery and silver lined edges send me right into a winter wonderland of Tarot. I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for this beautiful deck back in July. It was a great time and the creators were delightful. 

Lets jump right in with the INTERVIEW YOUR DECK spread and see what FT has to say! 


  1. Please introduce yourself - The Tower - I am a huge proponent of change, I am the one you should turn to when things get rough. I understand the higher teachings of the Phoenix, walking through fire to be born a new. When you are under pressure I will bring new angles and perspectives to consider.
  2. Your strengths - 6 of Wands Reversed - I will pick you up when you get knocked down by life. I am a friend to anyone who is struggling in this physical reality. Rock bottom is my specialty and an excellent place to start rebuilding from. 
  3. Your limitations - The Magician - I am not as well suited for material pursuits. I prefer to work on an energetic and idealistic level. 
  4. What can I learn from you - The Emperor Reversed - I am here to teach you to question the rules and structures of society. Bend your mind in new directions, explore unknown territory, move outside the old structures and create your own. Be idealistic. 
  5. What is the best way to work with you - allow me to help you with planning and decisions you have been putting off. When you are ready to stop procrastinating and start progressing ill be there to help! 
  6. Out come of our relationship - Four of Cups Reversed - spiritual and emotional nourishment that will help guide you along to fulfillment. Im here to help you transform. 

Hope you enjoyed this months deck!

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XOXO Chelsea 

November - Deck of the Month

With the Scorpio season in mind I selected my Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot to use for the month of November! I have had this deck for a while and would like to unravel a few more of its mysteries! I took some incredible pictures of this deck this last spring that you can check out here if you want to see more of the deck! Grab your deck and lets jump in! 

I will be using my Interview Your Deck spread, heres a visual. 

After a few deep breaths I drew 6 cards, lets see what they have to say about this deck! 

1 - Please introduce yourself - The High Priestess - I am a highly feminine deck and will give you the best results if you read me intuitively setting aside the more traditional meanings. I would love to inspire creative projects and am the best deck you could have for reading into emotional issues. I have a deep well of sacred knowledge that I am willing to share when you are ready. 

2 - Your strengths as a deck - The 2 of Cups - I can pierce deep into the emotional realms so I am suited well to readings about relationships and emotional issues. My imagery brings to mind elements of youth and would be great for understanding the impacts of childhood in the context of relationships. 

3 - You limitations as a deck - The 3 of Pentacles - I am not suited for practical, logical or financial readings. I find these subjects dull and out of my wheel house. 

4 - What can I learn from you - The Knight of Pentacles - I can teach you the value of mastering your emotional self and learning to deal with others in a more sensitive way. Slow and steady progress will be out path together. 

5 - Whats the best way to work with you - The Hermit - One on one. I am a deck that you look at, ponder and then look at again. Get lost in my pictures and allow your mind to wander when you work with me. I do know like anything too structures so free form spreads would be best. 

6 - Outcome of our relationship - The Queen of Wands - I will inspire you creatively and emotionally, uncovering new depths and realms of the tarot.

I love that two of my personal cards (HP and QofW) came up in this reading! I love these cards and Im excited to do some work with them this month! Keep your eye out for my YouTube review of this deck and let me know what deck you are working with the most this month! 

XOXO Chelsea 

October Deck Of The Month - The Halloween Tarot

For the month of October I will be working exclusively with The Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee; Art by Kipling West. I just purchased this deck at the spirit fair and I am really excited to get to know it. My Halloween Tarot came in a tin which I am loving more and more as I can carry it around without worrying about wear and tear. The deck was inspired in part by The Nightmare Before Christmas which I thought was pretty neat being a huge fan myself. 

The first real difference I noticed was the suit names:

Pumpkins = Pentacles 

Ghosts = Cups 

Imps = Wands

Bats = Swords

They still have the traditional symbols in the Minor Arcana which cuts down on the confusion but it still took my by surprise when I was shuffling through the deck. I am going to do a spread I created to get some insight into this deck!   


Feel Free to follow along if you have a new deck you would like to get to know. When I open a new deck I like sit in front of my altar and take it back to childhood by mixing my deck in a huge pile in front of me on my tarot mat. 

1. HALLOWEEN TAROT, PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF. THREE OF BATS - I am a deck that cuts deep into the heart of matters. I do not sugar coat my words and you can always expect a clear reading from me. 

2. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? THE MAGICIAN - I excel at manifestation, magic, spell casting, and can bring together any ritual. 

3. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITATIONS? THE SIX OF GHOSTS - I am limited in the emotional realm. I do not quite understand sentiment and sensitivity. 

4. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT DO I HAVE TO LEARN FROM YOU? STRENGTH - I am here to teach you that sometimes in magic a gentle touch is much more effective than a shove. 

5. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO WORK WITH YOU? KNIGHT OF GHOSTS REVERSED - It would be best to work with me in a way that is logical, practical and unemotional. 

6. HALLOWEEN TAROT, WHAT WILL BE THE OUTCOME OF OUR RELATIONSHIP? FIVE OF PUMPKINS REVERSED - Together we clear out your emotional baggage and change your outlook on the energy of money. 

I must say some of the Halloween Tarot's answers were pleasantly surprising. I'm not sure what I was really expecting to learn from this deck but my excitement has been rekindled all over again! 

What deck have you been using the most lately? Do you use several decks or just one on a regular basis? Habits of other readers have always fascinated me so please do share. 

XOXO Chelsea