2019 Year of the Empress

As we leave the year of the High Priestess we start to walk out of the dark subconscious energy of spiritual development and into the light and nurturing energy of The Empress. The Empress is a card bursting with abundance and new life. Creativity will be off the charts this year and money should be more accessible. Expect women to make incredible strides this year, there is no stopping us when we stand together! Astrologically we are starting this year off in really good shape with absolutely no planets in Retrograde! 

To help keep you in tune with the Moon I have made a new and beautiful 2019 Astro Moon Calendar! Just click the photo to download and print yours! 


How to use this Astro Moon Calendar

This handy graphic tells you every New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter Phase we will experience in 2019. The completely black Moons represent the New Moon and show what sign of the zodiac that NM will occur in. The completely white Moons represent the Full Moon and show what sign of the zodiac that FM will occur in. Use the New Moons for best results with intention based ritual work and the Full Moons for best results with completion or releasing based ritual work. You have the whole year at your finger tips! USE IT!

{2019 All Force. No Fear.}

Chelsea Smith