Astrology Update 2/25/14

    If you have been feeling at your wits end for the last couple weeks there are some pretty clear indications in the stars as to what might be causing this wide spread frustration. Surprise, surprise its Mercury in Retrograde!

Mercury is the planet of communication and when that little devil goes into Retrograde 3 times a year we all feel it full force. Phones break and shatter, emails get lost in the nether-webs, phone messages aren’t received, mail is lost and sometimes even our cars break down. But not to fear because Mercury will be going direct on Friday (2/28) and everything will start working like its supposed to again. 

    We have a new moon coming up on March 1st in Pisces. The new moon is always a good time to set intentions for the coming month. Usually things started at this time will come to fruition by the next full moon. The Pisces moon invites us to look deep within and find balance. Meditation is a great idea or even just taking a walk in nature to clear your mind. 

    Uranus is in Aries helps the seeds of our dreams take root but our faith is the water that grows our dreams to their full potential. Always believe in yourself and you will live a charmed life. 

Mars will be going retrograde in Libra very soon and this is a great opportunity for us to make great changes and turn arounds in our lives and daily habits. We must ask and believe to receive!  Keep paper and pen close this month as great ideas will be falling from the sky and what a shame it would be to forget them! 

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XOXO Chelsea

Thank you Saphira for modeling for this picture. 

Thank you Saphira for modeling for this picture.