Past Life Regression

I frequent a lot of sprit fairs. For those of you who have never been, a sprit fair is an event where psychics of all kinds gather and to offer readings. There are crystals and oils, incense and karma flags. Its an all around good time. A few years ago I did a past life regression session and walked through a total of three past lives. Here is an account of the first one.

I saw myself as a Native American man. I was tall and handsome with muscles beyond anything I can imagine in my current form. I was crouching in the woods with my little brother stalking a deer when a flood of memories started to come to me. It was like a movie I knew inside and out because I lived it. I knew my mother and father were the head of our tribe, they were so busy taking care of everyone else that I was left to raise my little brother in our ways. I had black bands of tattoos around my arms and black hair braided to my waist. I was built for my environment but my true strength was my mind. I loved to learn and teach. I remember feeling very confined and restricted by the vocabulary of my people. I wanted to express ideas that we didn’t have words for like...epiphany. I eventually left my tribe to study with some anglo-saxon people that came to trade with us. I learned their language and adapted fairly well to their people but I never forgot my native ways. I fell in love with a woman I only knew for a short time because she died giving birth to our beautiful daughter. Her name was Anna Elisa and she was beautiful and kind. She had blues eyes that she passed to our daughter Elsie, my little buffalo.

Now the interesting thing about this past life experience is that when i looked at my daughter Elsie I knew that she was the incarnation of my current husband Mark Smith. It was a surreal experience to interact with his soul on a completely different vibration of love. I never remarried or took another woman after Anna died and  my daughter and I were very close. The turning point in this life time was when Elsie came home at the age of 17 to tell me she had been raped by a wealthy lord I worked for. I remember my vision going red and becoming so angry I shook like a volcano before it erupts. I ran through the streets and called out my native war cry as I searched for the man who had violated my daughter. When I found him I broke his skull and left him bloody in the street. I knew at that moment that I would be forever seen as a savage. Probably imprisoned and killed but it didn’t matter. My love for my daughter was overwhelming and I was her protector. I died with my head against the wall of a crude prison, but my daughter brought me books every visit and I died at peace with what I had done.

Dying was a very interesting sensation. They do a decent job depicting it in movies, I basically felt my life essence lifting up in an almost orgasmic sensation I raised high above my prison cell, high above our town, country and planet, then suddenly dropped into my next life time. 

My next incarnation I was born a woman with the smarts and gumption of a man, in a culture that didn't take kindly to  following your heart... Sometimes you need to do things or live a certain way that may conflict with other people but it's the only way to stay on your true path. There are people you are forever entwined with that show you so many different sides of love that are worth sacrificing for. This is not the only life that I have shared with my husband, soul mate doesn't even begin to cover it. 

 The other two incarnations I experienced during this past life regression reading will be coming soon so stay tuned! 

XOXO Chelsea


Little Buffalo by Chelsea Smith